WiFi and Cable TV Bundles: Do you save for your future? Or you’re a one day millionaire like most?

Do you save for your future? Or you’re a one day millionaire like most people?  It's hard to keep your money and avoid spending it in something like WiFi and cable TV bundles.  Sometimes, it would feel like you're being rude to yourself and holding back for spending your money and treat yourself like buying a new TV with WiFi and cable TV bundles.


Our old folks give us "Piggy Bank" and taught to save. Back then it’s easy but these days it's hard. You only live once and for YOLO person like me or any other millennials out there; I’ll spend money to have the best WiFi and cable TV bundles.


Don't get me wrong about being YOLO. Come on, with crimes and war everywhere, several nuclear bombs testing in North Korea, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) almost around the world, bombings, killings, drug abuse, global warming, earthquakes, new viral diseases without cure, cancers, and so much more. Don't you think you need to enjoy life before it ends? Life is terrible, huh? But think of yourself sitting on a couch with a brand new TV and a hi-speed internet or simply watching a movie without interruptions because of your quality WiFi and cable connection you've bought. Hassle free and so relaxing a feeling. You can really tell life is so easy and that you can live more.


Do you believe that each and everyone of us should be grateful of living the life we have right at this moment? Think how our parents met, their struggles before we were born, how long our mother carries us in her womb and guide us as we grow. Unlike those unborn, their lives ended too soon and haven’t seen the beauty of the world around us. Think of those people who suffer the World War and unable to enjoy the life we have now. We were born in the best time so far, wherein most people are open-minded and more freedom is experienced than ever before. We shouldn’t waste the time we have now. We should live it to the fullest. For a YOLO like me, being YOLO brings out the best in me. Instead of waiting for the right time, I act when there is an opportunity because for us, “what if there is no next time or tomorrow?”


Enjoying doesn't mean you're being impulsive and doesn't even mean you need to spend too much. Hence, "Saving" doesn't need to be rude to yourself and to be miserly. It only means you need to be wise on spending your money while having a good time. Is it possible? Absolutely!


There are things you need to consider to enjoy the fine things but not expensive. For instance, we all enjoy traveling and traveling is a luxury. I do travelling. Does it mean I'm rich? Maybe for some of you out there but for once I’ll assure you we have the same life. We walk the same road and have the same struggles. The only difference is that I’m not afraid to try. If I failed I learned but for the record luckily I keep myself up.  There is that adage, if you fail, fail fast and recover from it.


Travelling is not restricted for the rich and upper-class people only. You just need to understand few important things and remember.  Managing your money is of utmost importance. It helps you from overspending and makes the most of your money which helps you make the most of your travel life. Don’t fear what may happen – embrace everything in it!


The best way to start is to make a plan. Do some research over the internet, ask your friends, make a call in several travel agencies and ask for travel quotations, write down all information you gathered, choose the best option and find alternatives.  From there you can estimate the probable cost and able to allocate money. Pocket extra cash from your earnings and look for extra cash from a part-time job. Have some friends or travel buddies. Travelling with friends is more enjoyable and will help you cut off the travelling expenses like package tours and hotel rent.



Let’s connect the “Saving” and “Spending”. There is only one word that can connect this 2 parallel words and the word is "Budget". Do you know what is Budget? Of course you do. We all do. For moms it's the household budget, for dads it's the time budget, for students it's their school budget, for others it's a vacation budget, new gadgets, insurance and for the kids it's a budget for new toys. Most of us knew what the word budget is but we never really know how to do it right. We never even appreciate its worth. 


What comes to your mind when you hear "budget"? Some would say "money", others would say "rich" and you may say "business". All of these words are correct but for me "saving" and "spending". Budget is the sum of resources we have allocated for a particular purpose intended to spend at a certain amount of time. You earn your salary plus other passive income to pay your bills and save a little. Through good budgeting you'll able to see transparently how much your salary or total earnings after your expenditures. Simple rule "don’t have bills higher than your earnings". If so, it's either find other extra earnings or do something with your bills.


Don't be so ridiculous, It's easy!  There are some real online jobs that you can do in your vacant time. You just need to try before saying it's a scam. About your bills, you can cut it down. For example in your groceries, have a budget list and stick to it, shop only once a week, buy in bulk to avoid retail price and don't be fooled by the price itself, take time comparing the price vs the size. Look for some good deals like discounts and introductory prices. Check out the mark down section in your supermarket. Sure lots of great stuff with 10% to almost half price off can be seen in this department. Always calculate when you do shopping. Doing the calculation will help you to stick on your budget and eventually you’ll know if something has been double scanned or with wrong price.


After saving from doing your budget list, able to budget your time and manage to have an online job. Let’s do the spending. After some time of saving and that we have enough money, we can now buy the TV that comes with WiFi and cable bundles. That's it? "NO!" You should keep your budgeting mind all the time and in all matters. Most of the companies offers something for free just to attract customers and buy their products. Don't forget to compute and compare before buying anything and never make an impulsive buy. Don’t be fooled with their good marketing strategies and hooked with their great advertisements using celebrities and endorsers.


Investigate first or what some call canvas. Compare the TV that comes with WiFi and cable bundles vs the TV set alone and look for independent service provider. Ask for a quotation on their WiFi and cable bundles. Looking for independent service providers is not so hard. They offer free installation, free WiFi setup and in fact it's easy for you to communicate when it comes with the repairs or any related problems because you know your service provider. Like "Spectrum" in America, they offer several packages such as "TV Select + Internet" which comes with 125+ channels including free HD and movies in 3D, live TV streaming and on demand content with the Spectrum TV app, optional DVR service can be added on up to 4 TVs in your home – up to 780 hours of storage, free online protection with security suite, free internet modem with speeds from 100 Mbps plus faster options and no data caps or extra fees. There are a lot more internet packages and cable bundles from the said service provider. You just have to choose which will suit your needs but comes with a cheaper bill. You can see it for yourself, just visit Spectrum though this link https://www.xyzinternet.com/.


Don’t get too hard in yourself doing a budget and don’t be biased, be honest when setting a budget, you know exactly how much you earned and where your money goes. You don’t need to cheat yourself.  You will find mistakes and some flaws but you’ll be fine doing the necessary adjustments. Continually doing this thing will develop your skill and you are going to learn from your mistakes and see what changes you have made. It can’t easily master this thing overnight but you will in time. When you properly learned how to do budgeting although it takes time, you will find it worth it and the only way to keep track of your spending habits. You will have confidence doing savings and spending.


Budget doesn't need to feel like handcuffs that keeps your hands away from your pocket. YOLO doesn't mean to be an excuse for dealing with a bad decision. Do you need to ask yourself the same question every day? Should I do it or not? Can I be someone like Mark Zuckerberg or not? Remember, the time you ask yourself, it's clear that you definitely want to do such a thing. Go for it, why bother thinking what if not, ask yourself what if you can? YOLO!

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02 Dec 2018

By XYZies