What is 5G and How Fast Are We Talking About

Many still haven’t heard about it and when they do, they always ask “What’s 5G and how fast is it?”

A large percentage of our lifestyle nowadays requires a fast and stable internet connection. Any technology driven individual would love to have a rapid internet - that is why the biggest internet providers are working hard to pave the way towards making the connection faster and more reliable. And this is where 5G started to make its appearance.

What is 5G?

3G and 4G or LTE have been familiar to any individuals using mobile technology nowadays. It wouldn’t be a surprise that the next thing in mobile connectivity is 5G.

  1. 3G and 4G, 5G is also a wireless connection which is invented for mobile internet usage. What’s amazing about it is that it’s not just designed for mobile devices particularly mobile phones, but it can also power any mobile devices from smart watch, self-driving cars and smart appliances. 5G can also be used to secure homes with smart locks and doors and other smart or internet-connected devices. 5G technology will help better our lives, making our day to day mundane tasks more efficient and convenient.

If you’ve noticed, there’s a letter “G” after the numbers 3, 4 and 5. Okay to make things crystal clear, “G” stands for the word “generation”. 3G should stand for third generation, 4 for fourth and 5 for 5th generation mobile internet solution. It would easier to recall as well with just two words for people to remember.

Ever wondered why it started with the number 3 and not 1? To provide a brief history of mobile or wireless technology in phones, the technology started two decades ago in the late 1990s. Later, it transitioned to 2G when sending text messages between 2 cellular devices began which eventually shifted to 3G technology along with internet browsing. In due course, development of 4G began and it made internet snappier and advanced with download and upload speeds unimaginable, making video and photo upload and downloads such a breeze. Sooner or later, internet providers added LTE network, which stands for “Long Term Evolution”, which happened to be speedier and more stable variation of 4G technology.

Even if 5G is based in the groundwork of 4G LTE, the alterations of its internet speed is still evident. It’s just like upgrading from Pentium 1 to the latest Core i7 chips from Intel. Uploading and downloading high definition movies and virtual simulation environment through the cloud will be easier and faster. 5G has more bandwidth space so that a large number of devices that needs to connected to the internet can achieve high speed connection at the same time.

With the realization that more and more devices and seemingly most people nowadays transact online, 5G was conceived to help us bridge the gap between that need and making it a reality. This newest technology in mobile communications and connectivity will help us to live a better life with better coverage, efficient battery consumption, high-speed internet connectivity in turn, helping companies grow their markets, increase sales and profits especially mobile devices.


Reasons Why We Need 5G

For us to enjoy the benefits and why we need 5G technology, a device capable of handling this new technology should be available for one to use. Since this is a new form of technology and advanced form of mobile connectivity, devices have to have compatible modem chips needed to process the communication and communication. A piece of advice, make sure to wait out until the market is stable and matured so that you will get all the features and benefits of 5G technology as features will eventually be released later on.

The obvious reason why we need 5G connection is because of the speed of internet it can offer. We are talking about 10 gigabit per second speed which is way blazingly fast when it comes to data transmission. It allows any user to binge watch and download full HD videos with no interference and no lags in a blaze. No buffers will be experienced when we start browsing with other web pages or streaming videos across the world.

Another reason is that we are expecting that manufacturers will eventually equip their devices with 5G capable modems, it would be best to make yourself future-proof. With the rate of how technology advances nowadays, there will surely be hardware and software products that will pop out like mushrooms which are all designed to make use of this new technology.

When it comes to security issues, it is possible that once there will be more connections to expect out of 5G network’s existence, those connections will also become highly vulnerable to threats and malware. The fast internet speed we get from 5G will surely lead to the existence of more and more devices that needs security. But, the present software and hardware engineers of the biggest internet providers have been working hard to come up with safer and more secured devices. This means that we’ll soon experience security settings that we haven’t even imagined yet.

Aside from the reasons stated above, for sure, there are other areas that will be affected with the roll out of 5G technology. One such area will be in the field of trade and industry. Speedy internet connection would mean more things will be done and with more people connected to the internet, more customer data can be gathered. Data that will be gathered from these programs will mean more profits and sales as these data will be used to improve products and customer experience. In turn, customers will have better access to the company’s services and products through the different mobile portfolio of the company. The communication between warehouses, product source and retailers will be even more convenient and efficient once 5G rolls out. 5G gives more reason for other firms and industries to upgrade their communication systems for the better.


How fast is 5G?

5G technology is invented to make lives easier and better, improving the customer internet experience to a speedier and reliable connection that is unimaginable. Initial test results from 5G test runs in different states have recorded speeds of up to ten times faster than the current 4G LTE technology.

This latest generation of mobile networks are starting to create another path leading to faster and more efficient internet speed. For those who have been using 4G at this present, they can testify that the 4G network can not even be experienced in its full fast connection, because of the strength of its signal, the load amount on the network and other interferences.

5G’s speed can produce quite a lot of tens of megabits per second while serving it to tens of thousands internet users in real-time. It can even guarantee to tens of workers, within the same office, a 1 gigabit per second as minimum speed. The future internet technology in buildings and offices can now be clearly foreseen. Interesting, isn’t it?


What about 5G’s download speed?

It is said to be that 5G’s download speed is 1000 times faster than 4G, that surely allows anyone to download an entire HD movie not more than a second speed.

In comparison, 3G network only has 380 Kilobit per second download speed, that when compared to 5G, it’s like comparing the speed of a bicycle to a racing car; 4G network has a recorded download speed of 100 Megabit per second, which is definitely a thousand times slower than 5G; and 5G network is capable of providing your internet-connected device a speed that can transmit data at 10 Gigabit per second.

In US, Spectrum has recorded its 5G technology as having fifty times faster than 4G and can let the user to download a full HD movie in less than 20 seconds, compared to 4G’s speed that can nearly take up to 5 minutes.

And that is why 5G is insanely fast and much more efficient.


More About 5G

As explained above, 5G is not just for mobile phones, tablets or computers. 5G is also designed for other devices like cars where it has its built-in technology to allow those self-driving cars to communicate with each other. Once 5G will soon be in your neighborhood, you’ll start hearing about words and other terms that may sound foreign in your ears. Well you don’t have to know deeper about what it is, but it’s better to have a clearer understanding of the words you are going to start hearing.

  1. Latency–If you haven’t heard it yet, Latency, is one of the words mentioned a lot especially by gamers. This is called as the response time between the moment you click on the play button of a video, where the request will be sent up to the network, and the network responds and starts playing the video. Some people call it lag time. In 4G network, the latency time can last up to 20 milliseconds, but with 5G it will be reduced to 1 millisecond. With this low latency, the dream of having self-driving cars will be a reality.

2. MIMO–This is an acronym for Multiple Input, Multiple Output. This word is used when someone is referring to more antennas installed in the phone and cellular towers. Most companies are using 4x4 MIMO where four antennas are used in the phone. This is needed for faster Gigabit LTE network and will become commonplace in the near future.

3. Unlicensed spectrum–Internet providers rely more on licensed spectrum, because they purchased it from the government in order to own one. But when it comes to 5G network, there’s not enough spectrum to maintain such wide coverage. So, these internet providers move on their way to unlicensed spectrum.


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12 Oct 2018

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