USA’s Best Internet Providers for 2018

Before anything else, what is an Internet Provider?

Internet Service Providers (ISP) are the companies where internet access is being paid, no matter what kind of internet service there is – cable internet, DSL, fiber-optic service or satellite. Customers have to subscribe to any selected internet provider so they can stay connected to the Internet no matter where they are. The internet connection may be wired directly to beloved homes, all types of business firms, shopping malls, and other public places.

All these existing internet providers make the Internet serve its purpose. No internet provider, no internet service, as simple as that. Without a subscription to any internet service provider, a certain device no matter how technologically advanced still won’t have a single Mbps of internet connection.

Through a chosen provider, several kinds of devices that can be connected to the internet can let anyone communicate across continents, simply by providing internet services. Different providers offer certain download speeds given through promotions or in bundles, and they’re all available at different monthly rates. Some internet service providers have them in a contract for up to 2 years, while others offer it in prepaid services.

A typical household certainly has a number of devices that need to be internet connected. So the most common internet provider is usually a cable company, where besides TV subscription, it is a reasonable combination of Internet and phone service – all three in one, offered in a perfect bundle. There are also those who only choose to have the cable TV and the Internet service, or either two of the three hot commodities.

Maybe you thought that the messages you composed on your emails were all sent directly to the receiver, but in all actuality, there is an electronic path in between and the service providers were more likely the passageway. So from the computer, the message will pass through the internet provider, then to the receiver with the help of other network servers.

The chosen type of internet provider depends on the location, the needs and the budget of the customer. And since there are different types of Internet Providers, we have to determine the best of every type. It’s not just about which company is in its high supremacy in a certain area. Because some type of internet service is good for video downloading, HD video streaming and internet gaming. And there are also those who companies that are not more concern about the internet speed and only focuses more on offering cheaper rates for budget-minded customers.

Best Cable Internet Provider

The Cable Internet service uses coaxial cables which results in a quick internet connection, even when more devices are connected at the same time. This type is faster than satellite and DSL internet providers but is slower than fiber-optics. Listed below are the top internet providers:


XFINITY has the most number of internet service options and has the most consistent speeds. They are widely known as the largest company that provides cable TV and home Internet service and is actively operating in over 40 U.S. states. This type of internet provider offers in a yearly contract and no-term services giving freedom and control to customers and with already included internet security and parental controls. Their reputation is high when it comes to providing high-speed internet connection. This is the only company that offers download speed up to 2GB or 2000Mbps and is ranked as the highest by Netflix ISP Speed Index. They offer discounted internet bundle with cable TV, thus saving energy, money and time for valid customers. XFINITY offers a lot of package and bundle promotions to choose from in a more reasonable price.

Best DSL Internet Provider

This type of internet provider uses enhanced copper telephone lines in providing high-speed internet. The customer can still use the telephone and internet at the same time since each frequency was separated. This service is more available in rural areas.


AT&T offers a different type of internet service that allows customers to look for good deals. This company is the most popular DSL Internet provider with a download speed of up to 1GB or 1000Mbps. AT&T is also available in 21 states, serving over 120 million people, and is leading in the industry for its high customer satisfaction level, reasonable cost of service, and has a reliable performance for technical support. They also offer fiber-optic internet service in the same 21 states. They also offer internet service plans with a download speed up to 10Mbps, to households with a lighter internet usage at an affordable price. This plan is also a good choice for small businesses that only use the internet for checking emails and other business communications. Though their price is high for gigabit connections, it is still a pretty good deal if you want to connect more devices all at once. AT&T team up with McAfee to provide device security to its valid customers.

Best Fiber-Optic Internet Provider

This is the newest type of internet connection in the wireless market, where the upgraded cable is composed of light and tiny glass fiber making to be more expensive and limited to selected areas.


This internet provider offers fiber-optics. They already include a free the modem and router, with no extra rental charges per month and it can really be a big saving. While other fiber-optic companies offer the exact opposite and charge the customer per month for rental use of a modem, or let them buy it right away for a certain price. There are no limits in using data and their offers are not in bundles. They offer the cheapest fiber-optic plan starting from a discounted price of $19.99 per month, with speed up to 15Mbps. This is good enough for small business firms with few employees that do not use the internet often. Frontier is a worthy choice for those looking for an internet provider at how reliable it is, how upgraded the technologies used, and how less is the cost.

For anyone looking for the best internet provider, it is highly recommended to consider first what is more important or basically, what do you really need, so when it comes to comparing which is which, it is way a lot easier to spot one. There are lots of pretty good options in the wireless market, so start deciding on your budget now and go for the one that suits your speed and data needs.

Best High-Speed Internet Provider

How much internet speed do you really needed? For every hardcore online gamer and those running an Internet-driven business, a fast internet connection is more highly appreciated. The more the technology advances, the more stretch of speed is needed.


Not only the best Cable Internet Provider but XFINITY also happened to be the best when it comes to high-speed internet service. The company is now known for its wide range of operation, making them provide internet service speed that could go all the way from 1Mbps up to 2G, offered at a reasonable price. Customers even get more data speed than what they paid for.

Best Economical Internet Provider

There’s a lot of internet provider that offers the best solution to most-budget conscious customers. What’s best for the other is not the best for all. There will always be those who prefer to save than spend and their eyes are more focused on offers and deals that won’t make their jaws drop when it comes to pricing. They are more likely interested in offers at discounted rates and sometimes those that come along with freebies. There will always be customers who want to be more practical and are on tight budget.


Aside from being affordable, CenturyLink is also a great choice for bundled offers. Their internet offers start at $34.95 for up to 40Mbps. There are other providers offering lower cost but their internet connection is only limited up to 5Mbps.

All-in Best Internet Provider

Basing on the download speeds, satisfactory pricing rates, and the availability of the internet provider – XFINITY turns out to be the best internet provider in the USA.

There is no other internet provider that operates at a maximum of 40 states and is serving 25.5 million internet subscribers, but only XFINITY.

There is no other internet provider that offers internet service with a speed of up to 2000Mbps or 2GB, but only XFINITY.

XFINITY’s two-year contract plan has a built-in security application and parental controls. They do not depend on third-party companies to secure the customer’s device, they have their own.

The company has its long list of internet services to choose from, either in promotions or in bundles, all offered at a reasonable price. They have the best bundle offers of Internet + TV + phone. In addition, your way of streaming TV shows will be a change in the highly advanced manner through XFINITY’s remote voice control.

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17 Mar 2018

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