Things to know in getting a high speed internet


“I want to have a reliable high speed internet connection at home.”

“I need an affordable internet connection that’s fast.”


These things are what you usually hear from people around US when they are looking for a better internet connection or when they think that the internet connection that they currently have is not fast enough.  So after having these thoughts for quite a while, the next question that would rise up would be “Is there a reliable high speed internet provider near my area?” or “What are some good high speed internet provider that has excellent services?” They would later search all the possible companies near their area to find the best company that says “High Speed Internet Provider” that they are looking for.  After finding the company that you think could possibly give you the best high speed internet deal, this is where it gets a little bit complicated.

There are certain conditions that you should know about those providers that you just chose. A good internet provider should have these things to be able to provide you with a high speed internet. You can’t just jump the gun, just because you wanted a fast internet connection. Because you might waste your money in choosing a company that you thought could give the internet speed that you wanted. Some companies in the US are making amazing deals that could catch people’s attention right away. Like a very cheap price for a very fast internet. Quite catchy right? But are you sure that they can provide the “fast internet” that they are talking about? Are you even sure that your money is worth it?

So many companies in the US provide an internet connection, right? But there are only a few known companies out there that can truly give you the high speed internet connection that you really deserve. Don’t get tricked with some cheap deal for a cheap service. You might end up spending all of your money without achieving what you wanted in the hands of a wrong internet provider. However, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money on the hands of the right internet provider. So be very wise in choosing the company that would provide you your needs.

The things below this article may just save you from spending your money from those companies in the US that can’t give you the exact service that you are looking for. So read it very carefully and decide if that company that you choose have all these things. This is really a helpful information for those people who don’t have much knowledge with these type of things. So be sure to pay attention and keep the things written here as your guide in choosing the company that you want to subscribe with.


The Type of your High Speed Internet

There are many types of high speed internet connection out there, but there are two commonly used internet types in the US. These are the DSL internet connection and Cable internet connection. These two types have different advantages from each other and they also exceed the most of the other internet types. Some people choose one over the other, but let me give you a very useful information between these two. Cable internet connection is much faster than the DSL internet connection. But we can’t really say that DSL is inferior to the Cable internet, since there are quite a lot of tricks that you can use for the DSL to be able to beat the Cable internet connection. But plainly speaking, the Cable internet connection is a lot faster than the DSL; the speed of the Cable internet connection is three times faster than the speed of the DSL. The reason for the gap between these two types of internet connection is the “Bandwidth”. Most of the DSL internet connection can only reach the speed of only up to 100 mbps while the Cable internet connection can support approximately 300 mbps in most of the areas around US.

You should check the company that you wanted to subscribe with if the internet connection type that they use is one of the two. If you want to have a reliable high speed internet connection, and if the company you wanted to subscribe in is not using a DSL or Cable internet connection, then you should think again. Because having either a DSL internet connection or a Cable internet connection is a must, in order to achieve the High Speed internet connection that you desire.


The Amount of Bandwidth

One of the most important thing to have to be able to obtain the high speed internet connection that you want is the amount of bandwidth that your internet provider allows. You can say that the bandwidth is the corner stone in every company that offers internet services. Because having a small bandwidth means that the amount of data that you can transfer from time to time will lessen. While having a large bandwidth can make you move a huge amount of data files much faster. Bear in mind that the bandwidth and the internet speed is different. Bandwidth is only the passage way of data, so by having a larger bandwidth means that the passage way of your data is wider.

It would probably be better if you call the company that you wanted to subscribe to check how much bandwidth they offer to their clients. You can also ask that company whether that bandwidth that they offer you will only be available to you alone or is the bandwidth that you would use be shared with other customers in the same areas. Because some companies in the US makes you share your bandwidth with some customers in your area to lessen the cost, but if you badly need a high speed internet connection without minding the cost, then you should find an internet provider where they would be able to offer you a bandwidth that is only available to you. Because sharing a bandwidth with other customers makes your internet slower. So definitely, the performance would suffer.


The Speed of your internet

This is also very important if you want to have a high speed internet connection. Speed is the amount of data being transferred to the bandwidth. The speed of your internet should be equal with your bandwidth. By having a large bandwidth and a fast internet connection you would be closer in having the high speed internet that you want. But having a fast internet connection while having a small bandwidth means that the amount of data that would be able to flow will be limited so it would be pretty useless. By also having a large bandwidth and a slow internet connection, the full capacity of the bandwidth will not be used up due to the slow internet that you have. So you would need an equal ratio of bandwidth and internet speed to maximize their performance.

You could probably check the speed of your chosen internet provider from their respective sites or you could just call them so you could learn more about it. Don’t be confused with the difference between the bandwidth and internet speed, some companies in the US advertises their large amount bandwidth as faster internet. Because of this many people got confused between those two.


How do you find the information written here? It’s useful, right? If the things written here are not available with the company that you choose and you got upset because it’s hard to find a good internet provider with all these things then worry no more. Because I’ve got the best company that can give you all these three. And that is Spectrum – it is certainly the one that can provide you with what you are looking for. Spectrum has been in this industry for quite some time now so rest assured they can surely give you the perfect services that you want and even the “High Speed Internet” that you desire. Spectrum is clearly the best option for these services. Spectrum uses a Cable internet connection for larger bandwidth and the ideal internet speed. Without a doubt Spectrum is the clear winner here in providing the “High Speed Internet” that you are looking for.

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23 Oct 2018

By XYZies