The WiFi providers in OKC

Oklahoma City, the capital of the state of Oklahoma, is often pictured with vast open fields and oil wells. The city known for its vibrant cowboy and wild western culture is often imagined by some to be devoid of any type of modern amenities such as high-speed internet. However, this is actually far from being true as there are actually a lot of WiFi providers in OKC.

Like most cities in the United States, Oklahoma City already has a wide network of telephone and cable lines running into almost every home and building within its city limits. This basically means that internet service providers won’t really have any issues in bringing their internet connection services to residents.

This is of course at least true for DSL and cable internet providers. The city itself is actually very well covered by major internet service providers and almost everyone within the city limits has access to more than one wired internet service option. As of the moment, there are currently 28 WiFi providers in OKC, with 12 of them offering residential internet service.

Oklahoma City is the 140th most connected city in the state, right behind cities such as Bethany and Spencer. Despite lagging behind some cities within the state, OKC residents do experience relatively fast average internet speeds. The average internet speed within the city is around 46.85 megabits per second. These speeds are quite fast considering that the city currently doesn’t have that much access to gigabit internet services such as fiber optics. The city’s average internet speed is 30.2 percent faster than the average internet speed in the state of Oklahoma. It is also 22.3 percent faster than the national average. An amazing feat when you consider that the state is known for its picturesque working oil drills.

Oklahoma City is currently home to a lot of large corporations with varied internet and communication needs. Fortunately, there are a lot of business WiFi providers in OKC that offer varying degrees of enterprise-level internet services. This includes advanced internet and communication needs such as fixed wireless, point-to-multi-point communications, Ethernet, dedicated fiber, and other custom solutions.

One of the best business providers that is available in the city is Rise Broadband. The company currently offers a myriad of enterprise connectivity solutions that are at the very cutting edge of the technology. The company also offers very competitive prices when compared to other business internet providers. The only downside with Rise Broadband is its lack of having a dedicated fiber optic internet network, which means that it is not currently able to provide internet speeds that can rival that of other business internet service providers with their own fiber-optic networks.

Aside from Rise Broadband, other business internet providers that are available in the city include Cox Business, ATLink Services, and AT&T Fiber.

Oklahoma City is mostly being serviced by two major internet providers, namely AT&T and Cox Communications. AT&T’s DSL internet service is available in almost every part of the city and in almost every neighborhood surrounding OKC. Due to the fact that the city does have a well-established telephone network, AT&T doesn’t really have any issues in bringing DSL internet into every home and business establishment within the city. DSL is of course much slower than cable internet, but it is much more accessible and relatively much cheaper depending on the internet service provider. Because DSL utilizes the existing telephone network, it is also relatively very easy to install. Internet service providers only need to have a modem router installed inside a customer’s home or place of business in order to give access to the internet.

AT&T currently has a wide array of DSL packages available for OKC, but it has recently rolled out its fiber optic internet offerings. Through the use of the relatively new technology, the company has been able to provide extremely fast internet service to select parts of the city. Those who are fortunate enough to have access to the company’s fiber-optic network should probably go for it as opposed to getting a DSL connection.

A basic fiber optic internet connection with the company costs just $40 per month. This already includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 50 megabits per second. The company also offers a series of packages that include access to cable television. Higher tier internet plans from the company cost somewhere around $65 per month, which will include direct television access and an internet connection with speeds of up to 50 megabits per second. Those who want to experience true fiber optic internet speeds would have to get the company’s $80 per month Internet 1000 package, which offers customers with internet speeds that reach up to 1,000 megabits per second.

While the internet speeds that the company offers is already enough for online video streaming on websites like on Netflix and Hulu, users might want to limit their online streaming habits given that the company does implement a strict monthly data capping. AT&T currently has a 1 terabyte monthly data allocation for most of its residential accounts. If a customer exceeds his or her monthly allocation, AT&T will automatically throttle the customer’s internet speeds to as low as 1 or 5 megabits per second. The internet speed is then returned to its original speeds after the billing cycle rolls over.

For cable internet applications, Cox Communications is currently the largest provider in Oklahoma City. Among the many WiFi providers in OKC, Cox Communications provides the most value for money when it comes to its price and internet speeds. Cable internet is definitely much more reliable and faster than DSL internet. It is also relatively easy to install given that it utilizes the city’s existing cable television networks. As an bonus, cable internet companies can bundle up their existing cable television services with their internet service to provide customers with more value for their monthly payments.

A basic cable internet-only plan with the company starts at just $29.99 per month. This plan already includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 10 megabits per second. This type of speed is adequate for most users who use their internet connections for light to medium online activities such as watching standard definition videos, web browsing, and light online gaming.

Aside from the standard internet plans, Cox Communications also offers some very comprehensive packages that include several services. The company’s most popular packages include its Triple Play plans, which feature an internet connection with speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, basic cable television, and a residential telephone line with unlimited nationwide calling.  The company is able to offer very fast internet speeds thanks to the use of advanced hybrid fiber-coaxial technology. The technology itself combines the best of both cable and fiber optic internet, namely its price and bandwidth capabilities.

Cox Communications’ Triple Play package starts at just $89.99 per month. The company also offers even faster internet connections that reach speeds of up to 300 megabits per second or more depending on the type of internet package.

OKC internet service restrictions

It has to be noted that most of the WiFi providers in OKC will have a few important lines on their contracts that will have to be considered by residents and business. As previously mentioned, most of the packages that will be offered to customers will include a monthly data limit.

Due to the fact that cable internet and DSL does have some limitations regarding how much bandwidth these technologies can support, internet providers are forced to implement these restrictions in order to prevent any possible outages.

Cable internet, for example, is usually shared by a neighborhood or a certain area. During peak-usage time, an internet connection may become bogged down when too many users are accessing the internet at the same time. This is mainly the reason why internet service providers are implementing strict data caps. These companies also want to prevent users from abusing their service, like those who stream videos and other online data on a daily basis.

Another thing to look out for with the different internet service providers is lock-in contracts. Most companies do implement a strict lock-in period for certain internet packages.  This basically means that users will not be able to prematurely terminate their accounts within the contract period. Those who want to end their contracts will have to pay a fixed early termination fee. Those who are planning to move or switch to a particular internet service provider in the near future are likely better off finding a service without a specific lock-in period. Early termination fees in Oklahoma City can run into hundreds of dollars. However, due to the fierce competition amongst the different internet service providers, some companies will offer customers a “buy out” option.

Not happy with the offers above?  Now is the time to call and talk or reach out to a Spectrum specialist through  Spectrum offers bundles that can save you money in the long run with internet speeds that reaches to 100 mbps on its bundles!

Other internet service providers are basically willing to cover the early termination fees of customers who want to sign a new multi-year contract with their service. This basically allows internet customers to switch anytime they want without worrying about paying for any early termination fees.

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09 Dec 2018

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