The fastest way to get a high speed internet connection in Dawsonville GA

The relatively small city of Dawsonville, located in Dawson County, Georgia, is home to only a few residents. According to a 2010 census, the population in Dawsonville was around 2,536 during that time. While it may sound minimal, the popular quickly blew up to that number from just 619 people in 2000. For those who are visiting the city, finding and getting access to high speed internet in Dawsonville GA may be somewhat of an issue.

Most areas that are close to the city's center will have access to multiple wired internet service options. Unfortunately, the majority of the areas that are farther away will only have insufficient possibilities when it comes to getting a wired broadband internet connection.

The city of Dawsonville is home to many unique places to visit for those who want to explore the country. Dawsonville is well known for its automotive racing heritage, which was brought about by the moonshine activity within the area during the prohibition period. During that time, smugglers would race to and from the city to bring the illegal alcohol into different destinations.

The town is well known for its participation in several motor sport events, specifically in NASCAR. The city is also the home of the legendary NASCAR driver, Bill Elliott, who had won the Winston Cup championship race in 1988. The Dawsonville resident was inducted in the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2015. The city itself is full of racing memorials that honor the accomplishments of its home-grown drivers. The city hall itself even sports an overall racing theme all year round.  

Visitors and would be residents of the county seat of Dawson County will likely encounter some issues with finding a traditionally wired internet service provider in the city. High speed internet in Dawsonville GA is also relatively hard to come by seeing as that the most prominent form of wired internet connection is DSL.

The primary provider of DSL internet in Dawsonville is Windstream. The company offers residents with DSL-based broadband plans with varying internet connection speeds depending on the type of package.  Due to the fact that Windstream having no real competition in the area, internet connection prices within the city is relatively more expensive when compared to other cities in the United States.

A basic internet-only plan with Windstream will cost residents $50 per month. This plan already includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 25 megabits per second. The company does, however, offer a myriad of other bundled internet packages, which might make the prices well worth it. Windstream gives customers with packages that include either an internet connection with basic cable, an internet connection with a residential telephone line, or all of the above.

The company's Triple Play package will probably be a better option for those who are looking to get all three services from a single provider. The company's most expensive plan is its $148.75 triple play package, which includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, a premium cable television subscription with hundreds of channels from private networks, and a residential telephone line with unlimited nationwide calling.

Aside from offering DSL internet connections, Windstream also does provide a fiber optic option that will give customer even faster internet connection speeds and overall reliability. Unfortunately, the company's fiber optic internet network only covers a small area within the city. This means that not everyone in the town will have access to the next generation internet technology.  

As of the moment, the city currently has 11 internet service providers. 8 out of the 11 companies do offer residential internet services. Some big national players such as AT&T and Xfinity by Comcast are available, but they only cover a small portion of the city itself.

Even local internet providers such as the North Georgia Network (NGN) have a much broader coverage than the national players. The average internet connection speed in Dawsonville is around 17.20 megabits per second. These speeds are significantly lower than a lot of cities within the United States. In fact, it is 111.7 percent lower than the national average. The average internet connection speed in Dawsonville is also 52.1 percent slower than the average internet connection speed in the entire state of Georgia.

The city is ranked as the 341st most connected city in the country, even below towns like Dahlonega. Those that are visiting the city can still get access to free public WiFi. However, the service is only available at the Dawson County Public Library located in the town of Dawsonville. The public library is the only place in the city that offers this service.  

While Windstream and other internet service providers are the only options for most of the city’s residents, a lot of people in Dawsonville actually live outside of the city’s limits. The only option for these residents for them to get an internet connection would be to go for a satellite internet subscription.

Fortunately, the city does have a number of satellite internet service providers that offer relatively high speed internet in Dawsonville GA. The two providers that are available for residents living in remote areas or outside of the city limits are ViaSat and HughesNet.

Both companies do offer the same relative products, but Viasat currently offers the cheaper option. A basic satellite internet connection subscription from Viasat will cost residents $30 per month. This plan already includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 12 megabits per second and 12 gigabytes of monthly allocated data.

The company’s different packages are unfortunately not sold on a per-speed basis, which means that higher tier plans will only contain more allocated data and not more speed.

Customers could opt to get the company’s $75 satellite internet plan, which includes 50 gigabytes of monthly data. The company is currently offering an unlimited data plan, but only in selected areas. The speeds that the company is offering will be ideal for one or two users who typically do light to medium online activities such as internet browsing, light video streaming, and casual online gaming.

Customers who want a little bit more speed can opt to get a subscription from HughesNet instead. The company’s basic satellite internet only plan will cost customers $49.99 per month. This plan already includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 25 megabits per second and 10 gigabytes of monthly allocated data.

The company also offers a slightly higher tier plan at just $69.99 per month. This plan has the same internet connection speeds, but with 20 gigabytes of monthly allocated data. These types of speeds should be sufficient for 2 to 4 users that do medium to heavy online activities such as high definition online video streaming and occasional online multi-player gaming. This would likely be perfect for growing families that live in remote areas outside of Dawsonville city.

Both companies do offer customers the option to add to their monthly allocated data if they have already reached their monthly data limit. Those who will not opt to increase their monthly data allocation will have their internet connection speeds throttled down to around 1 or 3 megabits per second. The internet connection speeds do however return to their normal rate after the billing cycle rolls over. It has to be noted that satellite internet service subscriptions will usually have a lot of stipulations that customers will have to look out for.

Most of the contracts with satellite internet service providers will have a fixed multi-year lock-in period. This is also mostly true for the other providers of high speed internet in Dawsonville GA. The lock-in period basically prohibits customers from premature terminating their subscription for a fixed amount of time. If the customer ends his or her connection before the lock-in period ends, the customer is liable to pay a number of fee, which might include an early termination fee or a penalty fee that has to be paid every month until the lock-in period ends.

Getting access to a satellite internet connection will actually involve a lot of hardware setup and installation. A satellite dish for example needs to be installed in the customer’s home or place of business for the connection to work. The cost of these hardwares and the installation itself is usually already allocated in the monthly fees, which means that the service providers stands to lose a lot of money for short-term customers. The fees are put in place to essentially cover the cost of the hardware and the installation should a customer choose to prematurely end his or her contract.

Another thing to look out for when getting a satellite internet subscription is additional monthly add-on fees such as modem rentals or hardware insurance. Modem or hardware rentals are often placed on top of the regular price to cover specific hardware. In some cases, it would actually be much cheaper to buy the hardware itself from a third-party vendor rather than pay a monthly rental fee.

Hardware insurance is also sometimes placed on top of the regular fee to cover possible damages to equipment due to things like storms and lightning. If an unforeseen situation were to happen that damages any of the hardware, the company will fix or replace the damaged hardware if the hardware insurance was being paid for.

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