Starting Your Online Business: Finding the best cable and internet promotion


Venturing in an online business is less of a risk than investing in an actual, physical store. The first thing you should look into when you decided to pursue an online business is a reliable Internet connection.  It is the principal investment in any online business as it will help you determine which business is compatible with the features of the cable and internet promotions you subscribed to.

Imagine a situation wherein you are the writer and there is this writing project available in the project panel of your writing job—the perfect project that you really want to write about, with a high compensation based on a pay as published scheme.  Right when you were about to grab that project, your Internet disconnects and by the time it reconnects, the project is gone and is already grabbed by someone. That is a nightmare! That’s why it’s very important to choose carefully and wisely the cable and internet promotions that you will subscribe to and the company which provides it.

What you need to look for before subscribing to cable and internet promotions:

Broadband service providers are popping up everywhere, each promising good deals that will match your preference.  It will be difficult to choose which is which if you do not know what you should be looking for. Keep note of the following features to avoid confusion in finding the perfect service provider:

  1. Fast speed of the internet: What will you use your Internet for?  General web browsing, video conferences, gaming, or for frequent downloading of large files, perhaps? The Mbps or megabits per second will indicate the speed of your broadband connection.  You can ask your provider or conduct a speed test online. Google’s speed test will show you the upload and download speed or is also a great alternative.

  2. Responsive Customer service: A dependable, customer-oriented provider that will answer your queries regarding promotions. They will guide you on what promotions are ideal for you, tailored for your needs.  Also take note as well the providers that are top-rated with regards to after sales customer support.

  3. Wide selection of channels available: Some cable subscribers complain that they have channels in their TV that they don’t even watch.  At most, they only tune in to one news channel, occasional primetime show, and a channel in a foreign language.  Look for service providers that will give you a wide selection of channels to choose from and will allow you to customize to your preference.

  4. A sensible monthly price for your subscription: Cable Internet is, admittedly, more expensive than a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).  But this is what you pay for top-notch quality, high-speed, and always-on Internet. Don’t immediately promise to purchase this TV and Internet promotions without comparing it to other providers available, unless of course, it is a trusted brand just like Spectrum.

  5. Price Haggling: This skill will definitely come in handy even when talking to the person selling you your cable and internet plans.  Putting this into practice might get you better deals on the bundle plans or lessen your monthly bill by cutting down the hidden fees.

Spectrum Cable’s cable and internet promotions cover all the must-have features you should look for in a service provider that will take you one step closer to start your online business. They have three TV and internet packages to choose from:

For people who are just starting and are on a tight budget, TV Select & Spectrum Internet is for you. For only $89.98 a month, you already have a cable Internet connection with a speed of up to 60 Mbps! Plus, you have a wide selection of channels since this package offers 125+ channels already.  After a victory of haggling prices with your supplier, reward yourself with a “Me time” in front of the television. A free DVR service comes with your first box and they do not charge their clients with installation fee for the modem.

If you’re a dedicated movie buff and a vlogger whose content is anchored on reviewing TV shows, the TV Silver & Spectrum Internet provides you more to talk about. This package has up to 175+ channels! With this big of a number of channels, you now have a truckload of inspiration for your next video. You can happily focus on reading the details on that black and white vampire movie and even watch it again because this package includes a free DVR for your first box!  What’s even better is that Internet speed is up to 60 Mbps which means you can upload your videos on Youtube in a breeze. Plus, modem installation free of charge. You can subscribe to this promotion for only $109.98 a month.

And last, but definitely not the least, is the TV Gold & Spectrum Internet with only $129.98, each month. If you are tasked on handling social media management or writing a sports blog, for example, the connection speed of up to 60 Mbps this package includes is perfect for your business.  You can keep your Twitter live feed updated on the scores and highlights in the current round of basketball or you can measure and keep track of the traffic in your celebrity employer’s Instagram profile while tuning in to the television.  With 200+ channels you can have it all. Sports fans will go crazy by filling all these empty channel slots with ESPN, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel, CBS Sports Network, NBA TV, and Spectrum Sports—all in high-definition! This TV Gold & Spectrum Internet promotion also has a free DVR for your first box.  They also do not charge you for the installation of your modem.

No matter what package you choose, Spectrum Cable has included features made available for all, such as allowing you to look back on a TV show that aired three days ago, even with you forgetting to set-up the DVR!  You can record your TV series commercial-free for a specific channel and just continue recording it even when you already switched to a different channel.


Business Ideas compatible with your Internet:

Just to help you get started, below are some business ideas you should consider. These ideas need a stable internet to maintain your online business.

  1. Virtual shop: This type of business is a hit because it’s cheap, fast, and only requires a little photography and photo editing skills.  These shops can range from phones, clothes, makeup, accessories, temporary tattoos, and pre-loved furniture. With a dependable broadband connection, you can connect with buyers and sellers from all over the world. You can compare prices with other suppliers to get a better deal when purchasing wholesale.

  2. Write for a living: Writing opens many avenues for employment, whether freelance or permanent.  You could be a copy editor, content writer, a professional blogger, or an SEO writer.  If you’re a passionate foodie, you can start with writing a cooking blog or recipe blogs that are inspired from movie food.  If you’re a movie buff, you can opt for writing a listicle. You most have definitely seen this in your social media account with headlines like: “The 10 Best Movie Musicals You Should See Before You Die” or “Top 5 TV Series You Should Look out for this 2018”. Listicles are fun and easy to write. You just have to be updated with what’s new or what the Internet consider as relevant.  If you have reached a respectable following in your blogs, more advertisers will approach you to buy a portion of your page space or to sponsor your next post with their products.

  3. Become a vlogger: Grab your camera, set up your lights, and start recording. Being part of the vlogging or Youtube community is no longer just for leisure, it has become a business, a profitable business at that. More views equal more advertisers attracted to your channel. Next thing you’ll know you have big names sending you products.  There are different video content you could go for: daily vlogs, skits, reaction videos, or aesthetically pleasing travel vlogs. You could even go for a listicle type of content by reviewing products or movies. That’s easy. You can recommend your all-time favorite TV shows or even your favorite commercials!

  4. Online teacher or tutor: Language classes are on demand nowadays. There are many foreign students who are willing to pay for an online tutor who is proficient in a certain language, usually English and Chinese Mandarin. As a virtual teacher, you conduct your classes through Skype or other video chatting platforms. Video chatting will eat a lot of data. So you must trust on a service provider that will spare you from classes that are inaudible or forced to cut short due to a weak connection.

  5. Transcriber: There are companies or schools that will hire extra help to transcribe hour-long conferences or interviews. Depending on the task, they can let you transcribe audio every single word, down to the filler words and unintelligible mumbles. Some transcribing websites will require you to work online to time your productivity.

Spectrum Cable has generous cable and internet promotions that are available for you. The three TV + internet promotions discussed above are the perfect tool for your online business—affordable, rapid, and stable broadband connection.

Check out the best cable and internet promotions you could avail in the market through Spectrum Cable’s website or call them at 1-855-400-1040. Comment and send this post your friends.  Thank you for reading!

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14 Oct 2018

By XYZies