Reasons to have Cable TV for low-income Families

The TV has been considered one of the greatest engineering achievements of the human race not only because it brought various ways of informing and entertaining people of all ages, but also it became another form of bonding together the basic unit of the society which is the family. A more head-turning development from the TV revolution is the birth of Cable TV that has placed premium content into the homes, more than what our wants and needs asked for in the first place.  Since then, media and entertainment groups flourished and never looked back. Innovations in television technology are available, and to make this technology available for everyone, Cable TV for low-income families is now being pushed forward into the consciousness of the consumers.

Education, information and entertainment are some things that families nowadays consider essential in their lives and because of this people have striven to provide this information in different platforms, in the most accessible and possible way they can. These needs are highlighted and provided for us by cable channels. From the basic forms of entertainment where our patience is tested and our interests are tried to be put off because of the availability of our favourite shows, we somehow figured out a way to cheat our usual routine with something more interesting and worthwhile. Telecommunication companies have been completely flexible in their products and services which they have included in their offers cable TV for low-income families. This is to give everyone equal access to a complete entertainment

Information and entertainment has come closer to one’s convenience, which eventually changed people’s lives. Just try imagining watching your favourite shows at your own timetable. It is every child’s and adult’s dream. As a child coming home to a TV with more than 10 channels to watch and knowing that it includes Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon makes them feel like it is Christmas every day, and wishes every day is the weekend. Thinking about watching one’s favourite team with cold beer is surely a great reward for the weekend. However as amazing as it sounds everything good comes with a price and so is the cable TV. Everyone knows that Cable TV is not for everybody, cable TV for low-income families can be simply accessed because there are many Cable TV providers who offers exciting deals and bundles.

As stated by a research company Kagan, having a Cable TV at homes is a bit more like a dream for some because of the prices which rose by 74% since the end of the 20th century. With the average price of $105 and knowing that wages were not that high and barely even increased, Cable TV companies are like asking people to live beyond their means.  Though the prices vary on one’s location and the number of pay TV companies competing in that area, with the economic crisis that some nations are experiencing at the moment, the idea of having a Cable TV will never be an option for families who are trying to make ends meet.  Anyone would choose to provide their families food, shelter, clothes and education first before anything else. It may sound unusual but what are these families missing on not having a Cable TV?

Let’s start with education, since this is one of the major reasons why parents decide to pay more for TV shows. Cable TV offers many educational shows which are sometimes in the form of a documentary program or of game shows that are not usually shown in regular TV channels, such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic and many more. These channels offer a wide range of topics for children to learn many things, some are not even taught in their schools. Knowledge is power nevertheless, a child who knows more than what is in the book and sees more of things that are shown to them has an edge compared with kids who just know the basic. People discover more and more every day, books are becoming obsolete faster than they used to, courses are changing according to its relevance to the time. The 21st century learners are expected to be more advanced and to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills which will be their aid in facing educational challenges that are about to come.

Understanding how living organisms work help kids to understand the importance of being patient towards a process and brings an awareness of how the society and environment works. Of course, witnessing these phenomena personally is sometimes close to impossible but these Channels are dedicated to discover the unknown worlds of different living creatures, unlock mysteries and discuss the past in full details which makes it not only appealing to young viewers but also for adults. These programs aided with technology can help create a whole new generation of learners.

Another reason why one should consider having a cable TV is because of News. Cable TV has a lot of news channels to choose but why do we need different news channels when in fact one or two is probably enough. The answer to this is simple, that is content, the rise of the internet was also accompanied by fake news, when you look at the different social media platforms you can read many unbelievable stories that claims to be true and truthfully, there was a point in someone’s life when they believed these claim because of its “convincing” evidences.  There were articles declaring death of some famous people when actually they are still breathing. Unlike before, News in a way has become a platform of deceit and lies and an event might be reported in a contrasting manner in two different programs. There were cases in which countries are presented in a different way internationally which are sometimes insignificant and damaging to the country’s image. Awareness of how people are being presented to each other is essential. Without caution these representations could be an avenue of misinterpretations leading to prejudice and discrimination.  It might be difficult to know the truth but it is crucial to be acquainted with the different versions of a story, one can gain access to it through a Cable TV in which news channels updates from time to time locally and internationally.

The last thing they are missing is probably the most common reason why TV shows exist that is the mode of entertainment. Unlike the other forms of entertainment,  Cable TV offered the subscribers a way of being entertained without doing so much and leaving the comforts of their homes. It offered us a different way of dealing our everyday lives and it is monotony. People get bored with something they deal with every day but Cable TV gave us varieties on what we want to witness. Who doesn’t want to laugh and enjoy in their cosy couches and soft pillows with ice cream and everything that is good while watching their favourite shows? Most of the critically acclaimed shows such as the Game of Thrones, The Good Doctor and many more are available on Cable TV and if they are ever available on the internet, it will be troublesome for people to get an HD copy because of the copyright and would require them to pay for a membership. Even famous books are now made into a television series which are mostly aired on Cable channels.

As we all know people developed a craze towards their favourite sports and players however the idea of seeing a world cup tournament live is simply not for everyone, in spite of that, witnessing the victory of one’s favourite team is not impossible because of the Cable TV. They bring the suspense, action and drama or sports to people’s homes.  Though it’s a fact that Cable TV can also be a reason to procrastinate, with the help of self-discipline and moderation this becomes an avenue for people to learn and feel. Different TV shows today doesn’t only exist to entertain purely but also these shows are the representations of life across the different parts of the world, it has become a part of social awareness. These shows are products of creativity attempting to enlighten and express.

These unutilized benefits can be considered a loss but the good thing is that Pay TV companies didn’t turn a blind eye in the situation regarding low-income families, so eventually they developed ways making it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of having a Cable TV in their homes. In the US major Pay TV, internet and satellite companies united to create a way to provide reasonable priced Cable for everyone to enjoy. Many affordable options are made and a lot cheaper deals that fit right in the budget are already in line for these families, sometimes they just have to ask. Like all the others also offers the same deals for people who want to enjoy the same content without spending too much that will hurt their budget, with it one’s desired TV shows are just a click away. These actions are taken simply because the need to connect with the rest of the world is critical and being unconscious of many things in this modern era can sometimes be risky.  Aside from being the source of information, pleasure and others, the Cable TV has also become an instrument one can utilize to make the most out of life in this fast changing society they exist in.

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01 Dec 2018

By XYZies