Practical Solutions for High Speed Internet and Phone Service in Fort Wayne ID

The city of Fort Wayne in the state of Indiana is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The town located in the northeastern part of the country was built in 1794 by the United States Army under the American Revolutionary general Anthony Wayne. The settlement was initially established as a manufacturing town, but it has since evolved into a bustling metropolis that is home to thousands of businesses and residents. Residents and businesses mostly have no problems finding high speed internet in Fort Wayne as there are multiple internet connectivity options available.

As of the today, the city's economy is mostly composed of industries such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, leisure, financial services, and professional business services. Fort Wayne is also considered to be the center of the defense industry, which employs thousands of residents that are also living around the city's different neighborhoods.

Residents and tourists mostly have a lot of places to visit in the town itself. Fort Wayne is home to a few interesting tourist spots, including the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo, and the 1860 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

With so many businesses having their headquarters in the city, business internet services in Fort Wayne is excellent when it comes to variety and quality. Currently, there is a total of 26 internet service providers that are available in Fort Wayne. Out of the 26, 12 companies do offer different enterprise-level services for both small businesses and large institutions. Enterprise-level services such as Ethernet, wholesale bandwidth, dedicated fiber, IP Transit, point-to-multi-point communications, and other custom solutions are all available from the different providers.

Most of the big-name brands when it comes to business internet services are present in the city, including companies such as Comcast Business, Frontier Business, Verizon Business and Century Link Business.

Residential internet service within the town is also quite abundant. However, most companies don't really offer right gigabit high speed internet in Fort Wayne, even some companies with fiber optic service. Most of the plans that are available are mostly more on the practical side with a right balance of price and internet speeds.

The average internet connection speed in the city is around 28.08 megabits per second. The city's average rate is about 14.6 percent lower than the state's average and about 29.7 percent lower than the national average.

Low-income households and families who are on a tight budget will want to consider getting a DSL connection from any of the city's numerous service providers. As of the moment, the most popular provider for DSL service is through Frontier. The company has perfect coverage in the town, currently around 89.1 percent of the entire area. The company's coverage reaches as far as Hamilton in the north, Fairmont in the south, Greater McMillen Park in the east, and Inverness Hills in the west.

A standard internet-only plan with the company will start at just around $20 per month. This plan includes an internet subscription with connection speeds of up to six megabits per second. These speeds are mostly sufficient for one or two users who typically use the connection for light to medium online activities.

While DSL connections may be a bit slow when compared to other internet connectivity options, this type of relationship is entirely consistent seeing as that it does use a form of a dedicated connection to each subscriber. Note that even though the advertised monthly rate may be low, there will be some things and additional charges to consider.

Frontier charges a $75 setup fee for each new installation. The company also has a strict two-year contract that does not allow customers to prematurely end their subscriptions. Those who will complete their subscriptions before the contract ends will have to pay a $120 early termination fee.

For households with a little more to spend, Frontier does provide many higher tier plans that may include DSL speeds of as high as 45 megabits per second. The company also offer many bundled packages that will include a satellite television subscription along with its standard DSL internet connection.

Frontier is also currently one of the leading providers of high speed internet in Fort Wayne through its fiber optics network. These types of plans are slightly more expensive than DSL, but fiber optics does offer more stability, faster speeds, and better connection quality. Frontier's Fios service is relatively well developed in Fort Wayne when compared to its competitors. The company's fiber optic plans may not be as fast as other providers in the city, but its speeds should be more than adequate for most households and small businesses.

A popular internet plan with the company is its affordable $40 fiber optic package. The plan includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 150 megabits per second. The subscription still comes with a two-year contract, but the early termination fee for this particular plan is only $60. Initial setup will even cost $75, and there will be a $10 per month modem rental fee.

Both the company's DSL and fiber optic plans currently do not have any data capping, which means that it will be perfect for those who like to use their internet connection for data-intensive online activities such as binge-watching online television shows or playing online games for hours on end.

Aside from DSL and fiber optics, another way to get high speed internet in Fort Wayne is through a cable internet subscription. Comcast's Xfinity service is currently one of the most popular options for most residents in the city. The company utilizes presently two types of cable connectivity technologies, namely regular coaxial cables and hybrid fiber-coaxial networks. Comcast now has the most extensive coverage amongst the different providers in the city. The company covers presently around 97.4 percent of the entire city.

A basic internet-only plan with Comcast will cost $49.99 per month. This plan includes an internet subscription with connection speeds that reach up to 100 megabits per second. These speeds should be more than enough for households with more than four users who typically use the connection for medium to heavy online activities. This plan, fortunately, does not have a setup fee, but the advertised monthly rate is apparently just a one-year promotional rate that will increase to $79.95 per month on the second year.

While the speeds may be significantly faster than what is being offered by its DSL competitors, most cable internet plans currently do have a monthly data cap attached. Comcast's plans mostly have 1 terabyte of monthly allocated data attached.  Users who exceed this monthly data allocation will have their account's internet connection speeds throttled down. The gears are then returned to their standard rate after the billing cycle rolls over.

Through the use of the company's hybrid fiber-coaxial network, Comcast is able to offer customers right high speed internet in Fort Wayne. A basic plan that uses this technology currently cost $115.99 per month. This price may be too steep for most households, but it has to be considered that this particular plan does include an internet connection with speeds that can reach up to 1,000 megabits per second. Most users will probably not reach those speeds during every use seeing as that a cable connection is very dependent on a lot of factors. Gigabit speeds can likely only be entered in perfect conditions, with no one else using the link and with correctly setup hardware.

Having said that, most users will most likely still enjoy speeds that exceed that of even the services offered by some fiber optic internet providers. Customers also have to be mindful of the fact that they may very well consume their monthly allocated data at a significantly faster rate due to the faster connection speeds. The company's Gigabit Internet plan currently does not have any additional fees to speak of, but it does include a strict two-year contract.

For residents that are not within the range of the city's wired internet connectivity options, fixed wireless and satellite internet are still available. Fort Wayne currently has five fixed wireless internet providers, namely Mercury Wireless, King Street Wireless, Wi-Power, Metalink Technologies, and Watch Communications.

Out of all the fixed wireless internet service providers, Mercury Wireless has the most coverage. The fixed wireless internet is generally more expensive than both cable and DSL. The connection speeds provided by this type of internet subscription is also usually very slow. For now, fixed wireless internet speeds in the city can only reach a maximum rate of up to 10 megabits per second.  

Another option to get online for those who are living in remote areas is to get a satellite internet subscription. This form of internet connectivity technology utilizes actual satellites in space to provide customers with an internet connection. Satellite internet is much more expensive to set up compared to other kinds of links. ViaSat and HughesNet are the primary providers of this type of internet connection in Fort Wayne.

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