Popular Home Phone Plans and Benefits

Home phone service is not a thing of the bygone era. Although many people today rely heavily on their smartphones for communication, there are benefits to having landline phone service. Landlines are reliable in the case of long calls, electrical outages and emergencies. While it may seem like cell phones have replaced traditional home phones, many people still subscribe to home phone plans. A variety of telecommunications companies like traditional phone companies, cable TV providers and Internet providers, offer home phone service.

Knowing and understanding the differences between these offerings will help consumers find the best plan for their need and budget.


Landline Phone Service Providers Price Overview

AT&T – Unlimited minutes, $9.99 monthly price

Verizon FiOS – Unlimited minutes, $10.00 monthly price

Comcast – Unlimited minutes, $29.99 monthly price

Charter Spectrum – Unlimited minutes, $29.99 monthly price

Cox – Unlimited minutes, $10.00 monthly price


Compare the Best Home Phone Plans


AT&T is the largest telephone operating company in the United States by total revenue. AT&T provides wired (landline) and wireless telephone services, their flagship service being home telephone service.

AT&T regular home phone services start at $26 a month or less. They can range up to $59 a month or less with the addition of extra features and packages. They offer one package that includes the Internet + home phone services for just $41 a month or less. You can build a bundle around AT&T Phone, adding services like DIRECTV or high-speed Internet. Prices will vary depending on your location.

Their home phone plans have features like unlimited local and nationwide calling, international calling, three-way calling, call return, reliable connection, privacy manager, call forwarding, and more.

Unfortunately, AT&T does charge extra fees for equipment, installation, and taxes. The good thing is that they are upfront about it on their site. They also don't require long-term contracts; so you can switch providers if you feel the need.


Verizon Communications Inc., or simply Verizon, is an American international telecommunications corporation, known for their fiber optic broadband.

Verizon home phone service offers affordable TV, high-speed Internet, and home phone bundles. Their cheapest deal starts at $19.99 for Internet + Home Phone. They also offer Fios Triple Play bundle that includes TV, fiber optic Internet and phone starting at $69.99 a month. Their topmost Ultimate TV and Internet plan includes the Fios home phone, cable TV and Internet, and phone for a whopping $144.99 a month.

Verizon uses fiber optic cable lines instead of traditional copper, so their voice quality is high and 100% fiber optic. Their home phone plans are equipped with good features and are affordable and reliable, however prices vary with location and availability. They also have acceptable customer service, with a virtual agent option available on their site. Just remember though, Verizon requires a two-year contract and charges extra for equipment, handling and taxes.

Some of Verizon's home phone features include their "let your calls follow you," where you can send your incoming call to another telephone so you don’t miss it. They also have a three-way calling and privacy management options.

Overall, Verizon is known to be consistent with affordable home phone service options.


Comcast Corporation is an American global telecommunications conglomerate that is the largest cable television and broadcasting company in the world by revenue

Comcast has two calling plans: Comcast Voice Unlimited and Comcast Local. You can pick various popular features like call-forwarding and three-way calling for each plan. Comcast Voice Unlimited gives you unlimited calls to other countries like China, India, Singapore, Korea and many more.

You can also get the phone with other services in their Xfinity brand. Comcast’s XFINITY was selected as one the best TV providers with the cheapest cable TV, landline and Internet bundle deals. They also offer a wide array of affordable bundles and contract options on their Xfinity website. Comcast provides a discount for signing up for the cable television, landline phone service plus Internet bundle. It helps customers save time and money and also makes billing easier.

Comcast’s digital phone service is Xfinity Voice. Unlike a traditional landline phone, it requires Internet to give you call clarity and advanced features.

Comcast home phone service also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can get your money back within 30 days and change providers. They will also charge you for equipment, taxes and installation. Prices will vary by location.


Charter Spectrum is a strong candidate in the home phone service industry. With plenty of affordable services, the most phone features to offer, and the ability to pay off your old contract, it would be difficult not to choose Charter Spectrum.

Their Telephone only plan gives you unlimited local calling for $29.99 a month.

Their Internet plus Telephone service offers high speed Internet starting at 100Mbps with no data caps plus unlimited local calling on the telephone service for $49.99 a month

Triple Play Select offers TV + Internet and Phone service together. It comes with 125+ TV channels, free HD and DVR gear, 100Mbps Internet, unlimited nationwide calling and up to 28 phone features for $99.99 a month.

Triple Play Silver, the medium tier, offers TV + Internet and Phone service together. It comes with 175+ TV channels, premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime already included. The usual free HD and DVR gear, 100Mbps Internet, unlimited nationwide calling and up to 28 phone features are also included for $119.99 a month.

Triple Play Gold, their highest tier, offers TV + Internet and Phone service together. It comes with 200+ TV channels, everything from Silver plus Starz, The Movie Channel and many other channels. The usual free HD and DVR gear, 100Mbps Internet, unlimited nationwide calling and up to 28 phone features are also included for $139.99 a month.

Spectrum Voice offers more than 18 popular calling features, as well as unlimited domestic calling and long distance calling in to Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Mariana Islands. Charter also claims no added fees like the phone company charges.

Additionally, in the case of an electrical outage, Spectrum Voice also offers the appropriate backup battery. This battery, which is provided for an additional charge, will deliver you and your family with up to five hours of talk time and eight hours of standby, even during a power outage.

You can get Spectrum deals at www.xyzinternet.com.


Cox Communications is a subordinate of Cox Enterprises supplying digital telecommunications, television and Home Automation services in the United States

Cox’s Telephone only plan with unlimited local and national calling starts at only $10 a month. Telephone Essential plan offers unlimited local calling and these available Phone Tools: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, and Busy Line Redial. The Telephone Premier Plan contains landline, voice mail, 14 calling features, and unlimited domestic calling. Telephone Starter basic plan features enhanced 911 services, unlimited domestic local calling, and the option to keep your current number when switching. All phone plans are digital. Cox also offers the Lifeline program, for qualifying low-income residents.

Cox offers free installation with bundles and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with service in the first 30 days.

Cox also has customer service representatives via phone number and live chat. You cannot go wrong with Cox Cable when selecting a home phone service, especially when compared to different phone companies.


Things to Consider before Choosing a Landline Provider

It's important to research which landline operators are available in your area. You can go online to use search engines that enable to search providers by ZIP code. This is the quickest way to determine which landline services are available to you.

When buying home phone service plans, establish first what kind of calls you're going to be making. Knowing the difference between local, regional and long-distance calls can save you money when you choose a plan. If you make a lot of long-distance calls, look for a plan that offers unlimited long-distance calls within it so you won't get shocked to see extra fees on your next bill.

Make sure you research available bundles and offers. Bundles are a way to make billing more convenient and save money. You can pay for the home phone, TV and Internet all in one bill.

When looking for telecommunications services, customer support is a vital consideration. You want to make sure they offer support if anything goes wrong. If they have an online live chat option that's even better.

Also note that when you purchase a home phone service, many providers will expect you to sign a contract binding you to them for a certain amount of time. If you choose to cancel, you’ll pay a termination fee.

Also, keep in mind that most phone companies offer a guarantee of locked in pricing once you sign a contract. The phone company also charges extra fees for equipment, activation and installation and taxes.

These considerations will help you decide on a home phone plan that works best for you.

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