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With the explosion of smartphones as our primary tool for communication, texts, calls and video calls, a landline phone may seem like outdated technology. However, maintaining a home phone is still quite useful. A home phone may not be as important in households as compared to the past, but this handy equipment still exists, especially in business settings.  If you're reading this article, you are perhaps considering getting home phone service from a phone connection provider. Many available landline operators in the United States, like Charter Communications or Charter Spectrum, might make it difficult to select the perfect plan for you.

You'll find in this guide information on the available Charter Voice plans, the landline features, deals and plans, phone and internet bundles, and more.

What are the presented Charter Spectrum phone packages you can choose from? Can you bundle Charter phone with Spectrum TV and high speed broadband service? What is the customer service experience like? So just how does Charter Communications rank and compare against competitors? Hopefully, with the help of this article, you'll be able to figure out whether Charter phone service is right for you.

As reported by Digital Times, about 41% of households have both mobile phones and landlines. Ultimately there are benefits to the landline phone that mobile phones cannot currently offer. For instance during a power blackout, mobile phones will have no WiFi and will eventually run out of battery whereas landlines will always be connected.

Charter Communications, which merged with Time Warner Cable back in 2016, offers telecommunications and entertainment services such as home phone, high speed Internet and cable TV packages. Their residential services are re-branded under the name Charter Spectrum. Furthermore, it’s their no-contract option and ability to buy out your existing contract that may seem tempting to you. But is Charter's Spectrum worth it?

With this general overview of Charter's home phone services; you'll be able to discern whether the packages are right for you. You can also check our other phone connection provider spotlight articles to compare phone plans.

Home Phone

Charter’s plans may be a little more complicated than its rivals due to its merge with Time Warner Cable. As a result, some locations in the United States may offer Spectrum Voice, whereas other areas may get phone service through Time Warner Cable via Charter's site.

However, this review will focus on Charter Spectrum Voice. Spectrum shines brightly compared to their competitors in the market because it highlights "no contract." To complement the "no contract" emphasis, Charter offers to buy out your old provider's contract to incentivize you to make the switch. That's right – Charter Spectrum will pay off your old provider’s early termination fees up to $500. However, to meet the requirements, and this isn't exactly mentioned upfront until the process is explained, you must get their Triple Play package.

Charter Spectrum also offers a 30-day money back warranty. This guarantee means that if you're not completely pleased with your Charter experience within the first 30 days of service, you'll get your money back. Additionally, Spectrum also promises their Service Experience Guarantee. Charter assures to reach your residence for installation during the scheduled arrival timeline or you'll get a $20 rebate.

Phone Plans

The Telephone only plan gives you unlimited local calling for $29.99 a month.

The Internet plus Telephone service offers high speed Internet starting at 100Mbps with no data caps plus unlimited local calling on the telephone service for $49.99 a month

Triple Play Select offers TV + Internet and Phone service together. It comes with 125+ TV channels, free HD and DVR gear, 100Mbps Internet, unlimited nationwide calling and up to 28 phone features for $99.99 a month.

Triple Play Silver, the medium tier, offers TV + Internet and Phone service together. It comes with 175+ TV channels, premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime already included. The usual free HD and DVR gear, 100Mbps Internet, unlimited nationwide calling and up to 28 phone features are also included for $119.99 a month.

Triple Play Gold, their highest tier, offers TV + Internet and Phone service together. It comes with 200+ TV channels, everything from Silver plus Starz, The Movie Channel and many other channels. The usual free HD and DVR gear, 100Mbps Internet, unlimited nationwide calling and up to 28 phone features are also included for $139.99 a month.

Charter Spectrum Voice, which is set at an affordable fee per month, sports over 18 popular calling features, as well as unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Wake, and the Mariana Islands. Charter also claims no added fees like the phone company charges.

Spectrum Voice also keeps your safety in mind, in the event of an emergency. Spectrum Voice provides enhanced 911 services which is compatible with most monitored home security systems.

Additionally, in the case of an electrical outage, Spectrum Voice also offers the appropriate backup battery. This battery, which is provided for an additional charge, will deliver you and your family with up to five hours of talk time and eight hours of standby, even during a power outage.

Spectrum Voice is also accessible for those in the business administration and management field as Charter Business. Charter Business supplies your business administration with reliable telecommunications solutions via Business Internet and Charter Voice packages. Furthermore, Charter Business commits to unlimited calling with no hidden fees and contracts.

Landline Features

Charter Spectrum Voice service provides more than just unlimited talk. In fact, it offers quite a number of features for the home phone:



Call Waiting

Caller ID

Call Waiting with Caller ID

All Call Forwarding

Selective Call Forwarding

Block Anonymous Calls

Block Unwanted Callers

VIP Ringing

Speed Dial

Accept Selected Callers

Three-Way Calling

Repeat Dialling

Voice Online Manager

Readable Voicemail


Repeat Dialling, which is a very interesting feature, will automatically redial a busy phone number for you and then will notify you when the phone line is no longer busy so you can make the call to the number.

However, the service is pay per use. For every time you use repeat dialling, you will be charged 90 cents until you reach the maximum fixed charge of $9 per month.

Then there is VIP Ringing, which allows you to apply a distinctive ring tone to numbers you select.

Finally, the service also offers a free 411 Private Listing and Directory Assistance.

Read More: You can learn more about Spectrum Internet and phone bundling at

International Calling

You can select to go into Charter Spectrum Voice International, which features the ability to call to 70 international destinations: India, Norway, Hong Kong, and most of Europe (Canada, Latin America already included in unlimited local calling). Furthermore, you only pay low per-minute rates and there are no monthly caps to consider.

Deals and Plans

As mentioned, there is only one Internet + Telephone service available, but the Spectrum Internet service offers speeds beginning at 100 Mbps, a free Internet modem and free online protection with Security Suite. Additionally, there are no data caps or hidden charges with Spectrum Internet.

Together with Spectrum Internet is Spectrum Voice, which, as previously mentioned, offers unlimited local and long distance calling to U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam numbers.

Of course, you can always opt for the Triple Play Packages, which combine Charter Internet, Spectrum TV and phone service into one special bundle price. There are only three tiers of Triple Play bundles, making it easy to choose from: Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold.

All three packages provide you with free HD as well as free DVR service (i.e. free TV equipment). Spectrum TV includes premium channels early on in their package tier. Spectrum TV has 200+ channels in HD and provides them for free in their TV packages. You get CINEMAX, HBO and Showtime in their middle-tier Silver TV package. Spectrum also has its own TV app that lets you watch over 170 Live TV channels as well as On Demand content. While you're on the go, it has 60 available networks to choose from and watch TV on your tablet, smartphone or other portable devices through the app.

Do note that after one year, the promotional price will expire and standard rates will apply. The standard rate can be higher, so be sure to check the full price of the bundle after the year and negotiate with a sales agent to get a lower price.

You can review all of Spectrum's bundles and the bundle prices here at


Charter Spectrum is a no-contract cable TV, Internet and phone connection provider available in 42 states across the United States. You can also always check Charter's availability by ZIP code.


Charter Spectrum is a strong competitor in the home phone service industry. With plenty of popular features, enticing international calling, affordable services, and the ability to pay off your old contract under certain conditions, it would be difficult not to choose Charter.

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