Marketing jobs dependent on internet providers in Houston

Due to the widespread distribution of towns and neighborhoods around Houston, Texas, several far-flung areas may only have one wired internet option. However, majority of the areas in and around the city does have multiple internet service providers to choose from. Finding a service from the numerous internet providers in Houston shouldn’t be a problem for most as there are actually a lot of plans and packages to choose from.

Within the city, there has been a steady increase in the need for more employees in the online marketing sector. These types of jobs include positions in inbound marketing, outbound marketing, eCommerce marketing, brand marketing, market research, sales positions, and media advertising. More often than not, these types of jobs will require companies and individuals to have a stable and fast internet connection at home and in the office.

Marketing positions often entail different tasks such as publicizing a company’s image, running promotions on multiple media platforms, and selling products online and offline. All of these tasks will require some form of internet connection at any given point in time. From creating marketing materials, collaborating on different projects, contacting suppliers, to distributing media content, an internet connection will be essential at each and every step.

Fortunately for those who live in Houston, there are actually more than 41 internet service providers available within the city. Out of the 41 internet service providers, 20 companies cater specifically to residential needs. The average internet connection speeds in Houston is around 30.77 megabits per second. This type of speed should be adequate for most applications, but some types of uses may find it lacking. The city’s average internet speeds are currently 22.9 percent slower that the state average and 14.5 percent slower than the country’s overall average. Houston ranks 25th as the most connected city in Texas. It currently lags behind cities such as Bellaire and Galena Park. Because there are currently a number of towns that are situated far away from the city, only 86 percent of Houston residents have access to two or more wired internet options.

There are currently two main internet providers in Houston, namely Comcast, through their Xfinity plans, and AT&T. Both companies currently have a wide coverage for their residential internet services. Due to the fact that the city does have an existing telephone and cable network, which were put in place before the widespread use of consumer broadband internet, most households will have readily available access to both cable and DSL internet services.

While AT&T and Comcast are serving most areas of the city, neighborhoods in Greater Heights and Central Southwest can choose from alternative providers such as Charter Spectrum, Windstream, and Verizon.

For business applications, there are numerous internet service providers to choose from within the city. Almost all of these companies can provide businesses with custom solutions for their advanced business needs such as point-to-multi-point connections, Ethernet, and backhaul.

With multiple providers competing for the city’s business internet needs, competition is relatively high amongst these providers. This is currently driving the quality of their services to unheard of levels. Most business internet service providers within the city have a very good dedicated 24/7 support and almost all of them are competing fiercely to ensure that their customers don’t experience any downtimes.

Best internet connection for marketing jobs

Almost all types of marketing jobs will require a fast and reliable internet connection at one point. Fortunately, most companies can depend on the available internet providers in Houston for their internet needs. Most of these jobs will require employees to constantly do online research, which will involve opening numerous websites online. Thousands of emails and text chats are also sent out every day by online marketing employees as part of their tasks. One of the key aspects of this type of employment is online collaboration and communication.

Positions in public relations and corporate communications will often entail multiple Skype calls, online video conferences, and online collaboration meetings that could last for hours. Sales and advertising positions will also require a stable internet connection in the sharing of files, images, and videos. All of this means that having a reliable internet connection is a big requirement for those that are working in marketing positions. When you think about it, any type of marketing job in Houston will be very dependent on having a good internet connection, whether it is inside the office or at home.

While the issue of what type of internet connection to get may not be relevant to employees who work for big companies, having a good connection at home may be of some concern to most. A lot of employees are often required to take their work to their homes, which means that having a good internet connection at home will still be important. As of the moment, the best and most affordable option for these types of application is a cable internet subscription.

Cable internet utilizes the same networks that bring cable television services to most households. This means that the service itself is readily available in most areas. Furthermore, cable internet is far better in terms of its speed and reliability when compared to traditional DSL internet. Those who are living in areas such as University West and Greater Uptown will likely have access to true high-speed connections thanks to the use of HFC, or hybrid fiber coaxial, lines. This type of connection, which is currently being offered by AT&T Internet and Comcast, combines the best attributes of both cable and fiber optics.

The use of this relatively new technology is partly the reason why most areas within Houston’s city limits have an average internet connection speed of 41.48 megabits per second. Comcast currently offers the better deal when it comes to getting a cable internet subscription. The company’s basic internet package costs just $29.99 per month and already includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 60 megabits per second. AT&T, on the other hand, has basic plans that start at $40 per month and includes internet connection speeds of up to 50 megabits per second.  

Those who also want to get cable television access and a residential telephone line may want to take a look at Comcast’s higher tier plans. One of the best plans that will include all three services is Comcast’s X1 Starter Triple Play plan, which costs $104.99 per month. The package includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, a digital cable television service with dozens of channels, and a residential telephone line with unlimited nationwide calling. Households with multiple heavy users may want to consider getting Comcast’s higher tier plans that utilizes the aforementioned hybrid fiber coaxial technology. The company’s Gigabit internet plan for example can provide a household with internet speeds that go up to 1,000 megabits per second.

Those who are just starting out in their respective marketing positions can opt to get a more budget-friendly DSL option from either AT&T or Windstream. Among the two, Windstream currently offers the cheaper deal with its basic package that costs only $25 per month. AT&T’s basic DSL internet package on the other hand costs $30 per month. It has to be noted that DSL is actually not as reliable as cable and internet speeds are generally much slower. However, for employees, who mostly use their home internet to surf the web, answer emails, and access shared online documents, a DSL should be sufficient. However, for those that have to participate in online video conferences or are required to upload large files, going with a cable internet subscription or fiber optics may be the better option.

With the myriad of options available within the city, finding the perfect plan amongst the different internet providers in Houston should not be taken lightly. Users should carefully consider their internet speed needs before subscribing to any particular package. Users also have to determine if they need a particular service or not. As previously mentioned, some companies will offer customers packages that include various services. A user has to determine whether having a cable television service will be necessary.

In some cases, an affordable unlimited phone service may be more important that having cable television access. For this particular situation, AT&T currently offers the best deal as it does have the most affordable unlimited residential telephone plan available on the market.  It also has to be considered that most of the packages being offered by the different providers will have a fixed monthly data cap. Comcast for example currently imposed a strict 1 terabyte monthly data cap on its users. If a user exceeds his or her monthly allocation, his or her internet speeds will be greatly deceased. Internet speeds could go as low as 1 to 5 megabits per second and users would have to wait until the billing cycle rolls over before they get back their original internet speeds. In most cases this may not be a problem, but for those who watch high-resolution videos or participate in long video conference calls on a regular basis, this might become a big issue.

As mentioned earlier, there’s Spectrum as an alternative when you are searching for a reliable internet connection and if it’s available in your area in Houston.   If it is available, Spectrum gives you the most out of your buck. Starting at $44.99, Spectrum delivers reliable internet connection with speeds of up to 100mbps, that’s more than enough for your online job.  What else can you do with the spare bandwidth since it is unlimited compared to other providers? Stream from your favorite streaming services or if you want to enjoy more than streaming, you can always go with Spectrum’s packages that includes up to 200 channels with high definition option.  With its triple play packages, you also get a phone service that’s a perfect companion for your online marketing job.

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