Importance of High Speed Internet


The progress of today’s technology is fast-changing and opportunities can pass you by if you are not fast enough to adapt to changes.  One way of keeping up with all these progress is having a high speed internet. In businesses, high speed internet connection has a big role in making a company more productive and successful.  This is the reason why there is high demand for fast and reliable internet connection so that businesses can continue to flourish and develop.  The desire for many for a fast and reliable internet in the business community is really significant as it could make or break them. Fast internet is needed to be competitive in the market so that more tasks can be done in a short amount of time, which a fast internet can easily provide.  Accessing files right away like reviewing emails, SharePoint, and other are a few items that would be a reason that employee’s computer requires a high speed internet.


Let’s discuss how high speed internet became a demand nowadays. Accessing the internet is one of capacity of individuals to connect using computers, mobile phones, and other devices. For this reason, high-speed Internet became a commodity.  In the year 1995, it is approximated that only 0.04 % of the population of the world has internet access, a large portion of those is living in the Unites States. However, in the first decade of the 21st century, many people in developed and developing nations utilizes an easier and improved broadband technology and later in 2014, the reach of the population having internet access is deemed to be at 41%.  Internet can be said to be omnipresent worldwide nowadays and majority of our tasks today involves the use of the internet, be it at home, schools or businesses. The internet has made this world seems smaller, with an easy access to information that’s unimaginable years ago and the level of convenience it provides makes it even more popular as people need not to fall in line just to go get tickets to travel or go to the nearest mall or shopping center just to buy stuff they need.  We also see an explosion of information being exchanged with the Internet’s growth. We can only see further growth of the reach of Internet and the technology powering it in the years to come, especially that the Internet of Things became mainstream as it is today.


With the growth of data being exchanged and the size of data passing over the internet superhighway, having high speed internet is essential.  Aside from high speed internet, unlimited internet should also be taken into consideration as we wouldn’t want to be interrupted in the middle of our workflow when our bandwidth has already been consumed.  Some providers, with its aim to provide fair usage to everyone, puts a cap on the bandwidth one should be able to consume, however, it is not applicable to everyone and possibly in the future. With the growth of technology, bigger bandwidth is also needed, such as in the case of the media industry wherein shows are moving into 4K or 8K formats.  With that big resolution, also comes bigger bandwidth when one is streaming over the internet for their shows, and as such, these limits can be quite limiting to those with people on plans having a cap in their internet connection.


With considerations for bandidth and speed as mentioned above, looking for a high speed internet that’s also affordable is rare to find these days. For this reason, we are introducing you a company that gives you more than just an internet connection but unparalleled service as well, Spectrum. It is well established in the company's timeline that its ultimate goal is catering and serving the customers at its best.  Additionally, Spectrum wants people to experience high speed internet that’s simple to set up, reliable and best of all, affordable. With a myriad of competitors out there, high speed internet has become mainstream and affordable to most people, hence the growth in this sector. But what sets apart Spectrum from the rest is its genuineness to offer the best deals and unparalleled satisfaction to its customers. You might be asking, what does Spectrum offer? What are the bundles they have?  How much will it cost me? Below you will find what makes Spectrum separate from the rest. Will the speed be enough to hurdle today’s technology? Is there a cap to my internet usage with Spectrum?


Spectrum Cable High Speed Internet Service Plans and Packages


Spectrum Internet

The first on list and considered as being the most popular among all the packages that Spectrum offers is the standalone Spectrum Internet.  It offers you an Internet speed of up to 60 mbps which means that even though multiple devices are connected, internet quality is not affected - no buffering and downtimes will be experienced no matter which device you use and how many devices are used.  This package cost only about $44.99 monthly for 12 months. Its affordable cost and unparalleled internet speeds is what makes Spectrum internet a top choice for so many people. With Internet in everyone’s reach, anyone can now enjoy their favorite movies straight to their own devices or through their home entertainment for everyone to enjoy.  Best of all, there is no capping on how much data you use!


TV select and Spectrum Internet

The next popular choice among subscribers would be the TV Select and Spectrum Internet bundle.  Along with the 60 mbps internet speed, one also gets a cable plan that offers 125+ channels which includes your favorite TV channels such as Fox News Channel, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, Spectrum Sports,, FX Movie Channel, Disney Channel and so much more. All of the channels mentioned offer High Definition quality so you can enjoy the best viewing experience in a cable television.  One can also watch their favorite shows through the partner apps of the available TV channels or if one has smart television at homes, they can watch their favorite channels or shows any time and as long as they want. Additionally, this package offers you a free DVR service on your first box and free modem. All these benefits can be yours for only $89.98 per month for 12 months. This package is the best bang for your buck!


Select Triple Play

The ultimate package that Spectrum offers is the Select Triple Play.  The main distinction of this package offering is that you have unlimited calling and voicemail together with your internet and cable plan in addition to the other perks available.  This is a great add-on for you to reach out to your family, friends and loved ones wherever they may be. It’s the best plan that Spectrum wants to offer to everyone. You will still have the same great speed of 60 mbps to stream your favorite movies, TV shows and browse the web or play online games.  You can also readily download anything you’d like from the Internet, whether it be a school project or some music file you want to listen to. The package still includes the Free DVR service for your first box and again and no modem charge. This package can be yours for only $89.97? How irresistable is that offer?  


Top 3 reasons why Spectrum is the Best in providing a High Speed Internet


The first clear reason would be the superb quality and reliable internet connection. Having a fast internet connection will let everyone enjoy instead of just waiting for their movies to load.  Without high speed capabilities, connecting to the internet can be a time consuming endeavor, especially if there is more than one person in your home connecting to the Internet at the same time.  If you've invested in high speed Internet service, a number of people will be able to utilize the Internet connection at the same time without the worries of buffering or wait times. With high speed internet at home, you can now do anything without any limitations. Acquire any of the three packages of Spectrum offers and you will see the difference.


The second reason is the price that Spectrum offers to its customers. The packages and plans gives you more at a fraction of the cost of what other players provide.  Spectrum created these three packages to let everyone choose what they want that suits their needs without sacrificing any quality of service and reliability.


The third is the varied service plans that would fit your needs. This lets everyone choose only the plans that they can afford and would have wanted to get.  Having an exceptional internet speed that’s blazingly fast and reliable plus having access to 125+ channels for your family to enjoy as well as letting you experience unlimited calling with voicemail in an affordable package, who could say no to that? Spectrum always prioritize the needs and wants of the customers when it comes to the speed of internet connection and the level of service it provides.


Don’t waste time any longer, enjoy an all day reliable internet connection at home with Spectrum.  For more details and information on how to avail these packages, please go to for more offers.  Get now the best and most reliable internet connection in town, get Spectrum!

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19 Oct 2018

By XYZies