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Internet nowadays is considered by the majority as a basic necessity of life, no longer a want but a need. You need to do your homework? You need the internet. You need to do some research and contact or send information to the people for your job? You need the internet. That is how the people of the 21st century highly value the internet in their daily lives, you basically can’t do anything without it!  However, this problem is only for some rural parts of the world even in America. There are actually some parts of America that can’t access the internet all for a lot of reasons like affordability, location problems or weather and in one specific state, many residents are in fact hunting for high speed internet in Detroit.


In fact, as the world has developed over the years, it has turned or at least almost entirely digital. A decade ago or so, the idea of the internet, online connectivity and being computer literate may have been a luxury or somewhat privilege because these concepts were something new that has yet to see any use to our everyday lives or tasks like communication, paying bills or even looking for jobs. But as of now in our modern and digital time, where it has indeed become a utility and a necessity somewhat similar to that of having water and electricity, it can possibly be or would be considered as a basic right for all of us to have, as in the United Nations last 2011 considered access to the internet as a human right. A human right, in a sense where individuals should have the capability to advance together with trends and development or else won’t be able to have the capability to live or even survive in modern life in more ways than one may think of.


According to researchers, this problem is what they call the “Digital Inequity or Divide”.

The problem is not that there is no internet, there is. The problem is that the city is suffering in income inequality as well as some other cities with the same issue. It’s not just Detroit, other rural areas of America have this problem, even some urban areas too. Mainly because the price of the services, which can range from $35-$80 per month, making it nearly impossible for residents to attain high speed internet in Detroit and only half of the total residents in that state has access to the internet.


There are some internet providers though that offers internet for low-income families in Detroit, plans like a $10 per month Internet connection. But the cheaper the internet plan is the slower the internet service and connection. That means, that one cannot perform simple tasks such as checking email or searching for a keyword in Google, much more so when one streams a video, that is, if more gadgets like phones and computers are trying to access in one connection at the same time. In line with how much financial stability is needed to gain such a necessity, being able to access the internet is not just the only problem for these residents. Individuals also need to attain the means of being online, meaning one should have a computer as well as the basic knowledge on how to use technology and other devices.


Another problem is the weather condition of Detroit, which makes it harder for internet providers to build and offer internet services to the residents. Severe and sometimes freezing weather impacts the availability of internet services wherein the equipment is usually affected by cold and icy conditions that leads to regular maintenance and restoration. Thus, some parts of the city are experiencing frequent outages and weather-related interruptions of the internet.


Weather aside, another major issue in Detroit that contributes to other problems that affects other aspects of its residents is unemployment.  After the economic downturn of 2008, Detroit has seen an increasing rate of unemployed residents, almost 40% residents in Detroit are considered unemployed. In our time, we are living in the modern world wherein an individual can gain access to all the opportunities in terms of employment through the internet, hence, it is important that the development of internet access to residents should be put in place.


Even applying for simple part-time jobs for youth and young adults or summer programs are done online. Most schools and listings require one to have internet access, emails to send through application letters or upload resumes and portfolio as well as online tests. Most services and offices especially those by the government have shifted to online systems nowadays, as it is considered a much more convenient way for all and less of a hassle when one would need to travel to far places just for one submission or task that can easily be done online, examples of these are college financial aid, benefits and programs.


And if you normally ask one person to go and apply for a job, they would automatically go or find a computer with internet access to do so. The internet has already been considered a somewhat top factor in order to do an important aspect of life, applying for college, assessing health care options, a means of entertainment or even keeping up with local politics or even internationally. In order to keep up to the fast-paced development of all the important events everywhere in the world, the only answer to that is the internet, without it you would be lost and may be considered ignorant of today’s time.


Aside from employment, even the younger generations are already being affected to this somewhat change of one’s lifestyle where internet plays a very important role. If young people don’t have access to the internet, not knowledgeable or not literate then you are already considered as someone deprived to basic knowledge and away from the doors of opportunity, even the society and how everything is working. As children nowadays would need to access the internet just so he can do his homework for school.


Hence, the lack of access to the internet is one of the several problems that residents encounter to attain the necessities of the digital modern life: communication, employment and research new opportunities, connect with health insurance, the capability to apply for college financial aid or even as simple as doing one’s homework.


Inability or even limited access to the technology of high speed internet in Detroit can also cause other problems or hurdles: many residents or individuals have little basic knowledge, or none even, on how to use technology itself. And one may consider the thought that if one is not digitally literate, then you can consider yourself as completely illiterate in today’s era. A really different type of literacy in our time if you may consider. As technology and its understanding is already considered as basic knowledge that belongs with reading, writing and math.


The internet and its technology are something that we consider as magical and mystical at the same time for most of the people. Unless you have a deeper and basic knowledge of it, you may think it magic that suddenly one can buy and then the next thing we know, we are already connected to all places of the world that is possible for the internet to reach.

If you are on the wrong side of this so-called issue of the digital gap in our era, you are already missing out, if not all, then most of the economic, educational and social opportunities the technology may offer.


With all these problems, without being able to connect through the web, it becomes harder to find opportunities and improve one’s life in Detroit. Therefore, we recognize and try to find a solution for the core issue - the fact that access to the internet is at par to living things needing water to sustain life and function, wherein it serves as a gateway to a successful education and future and to jobs and opportunities in the modern technological world.


Some parts of Detroit have actually started some projects and business ventures to improve their accessibility to the internet and one of these projects is “Detroit Community Technology Project”. This project has been made possible by those locals who volunteered from each neighborhood by teaching digital literacy and how to build their own internet by installing routers and pulling fiber. Where do these people connect? They actually do this by installing high speed internet source and connections from an antenna on top of buildings that shares gigabit connections into those homes without any internet connection.


So, the thought of this project is basically the same as sharing one’s shelter or food, as people need these in order to survive. Thus, this act is about sharing your technology, your knowledge and your tools to people who does not have this capability in order for them to grow and possibly build and finally be able to survive on their own in our modern world.

As digital connectivity is a human right and exercising this the government can expand opportunity to all people and be able to improve one’s economy even for the future of all the young people.

Whenever hunting for high speed internet in Detroit, be sure to take time and check out As we have a better understanding of current internet related problems as well as offer you solutions for a better connection and a better future. Since we understand that digital literacy is a necessity, especially for the people in Detroit, an important aspect in our modern life, and they need to keep up with and be able to build and stand on their own. Connection is essential if it is like water to plants and all living things that makes everything be able to function.

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08 Dec 2018

By XYZies