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With the current trend of rising smartphone sales, the more traditional office or home phone is facing a steady decline in the US. However, an argument can be made in favour of the home and office phone. Despite how far mobile phones have come, and with each new iteration outdoing the last, landlines, amazingly enough still offer superior voice quality than even this year’s current flagship mobile phones. The problem with this set-up though is that they need you to be stationary. Home phone cordless phone is a decent compromise. Mobile phones, as their name suggest, allow you to be mobile, and while home phone cordless phones only allow you to actually be mobile in a small proximity, it still offers the same freedom of movement as a mobile phone with the call quality of a landline.

You might be asking yourself why you need a landline phone in the first place. Why don’t you just use your mobile phone? There are a few problems with that, one being that you don’t have your mobile phone charged up all the time. Because of the stationary nature of the cordless phone, more than likely it spends most of its time either charging at home or in use. This way when you actually do get into situations where you talk for hours on end, you don’t end up with 25 percent of your mobile phone battery left, which is even more painstakingly awful when you consider you might have to go out immediately after. As you may imagine from the statements above, home-based landline phones are excellent for people who run businesses, or simply people who need to be reached through calls all the time. Even if you aren’t at home, most modern cordless phones still have voicemail built-in in addition to your mobile phone. Think of it as an extra layer of protection.

Contrary to popular, modern belief, not all cordless phones are more or less the same. Features you may want to consider include availability of voicemail, if it comes with extra batteries for quick swapping, and multi-line support among others. Of course, cordless phones do come relatively cheap, that is, when you compare them to smartphones. The goal here is to get as much value out of as little money as possible.

Now, we use the term relatively cheap, because it is cheap in the sense that it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. But in the same way, it might be expensive to some, because it may be considered as somewhat of a basic task. Take the best home phone cordless you can buy for in terms of range instance, the Panasonic KX-TG7875S. This costs about $135, depending on where you buy it. For that price, you can get an entry level smartphone, something most people find relatively inexpensive, but when you consider what you get, well, problems start to arise. To be fair, this cordless landline phone does come with the bells and whistles we can about expect cordless phones to possess. Don’t forget, this is a traditional cordless phone, but it is a newer model just released recently with added features. This particular model features an intelligent 5 handset system. Meaning there are 5 so you will never find yourself running out of battery without a backup. Along with that, it also has a class 1 Bluetooth. Thankfully, they have a talking caller ID, which is like normal caller ID, but vocalized. Perfect for people who position their handsets in angles where you may not be able to see them directly when you do hear them ringing or those with disabilities. Back before smartphones were popular, these were a big deal. The advent of caller ID drastically reduced problems like prank callers. Sure most if not all smartphones come equipped with this feature, but it’s still nice to see it on a traditional home phone.

The base of the unit has a built in USB port for easy charging. It’s a good thing too, because those are just about standard nowadays if you don’t count the lightning cable and the USB Type C that is steadily replacing the more traditional micro USB most of us are accustomed to by now. What makes this truly a mobile experience however, is that it makes use of a featured called Link2Cell, which basically gives you the ability to take calls on your Panasonic headsets, which save the battery of the phone itself. While this is indeed a feature rich cordless phone, $135 maybe too steep a price tag to warrant customers from buying it.

If you’re looking for the best value to price ratio in a cordless phone, the Panasonic KX-TGE474S might be what fits your bill. Yes, it is still made by Panasonic, but don’t let this fool you into thinking this is just a re-skinned, strip down version of the cordless phone we previously talked about. Again, depending on where you make your purchase, this retails for about $99 on websites like Amazon; however, websites like xyzinternet.com offer good plans if you want to skip the hassles of not only purchasing your handset, but hunting for decently priced plans as well. Back to the topic at hand, this particular Panasonic model is full of excellent features for the price. Among the things this handset features is a whopping 13 hour battery backup, perfect for those long hours on the phone with colleagues, friends, or loved ones. The package includes 4 cordless handsets as well, all of which are fully functional and ready out of the box. A nice trick this cordless phone has up its sleeve is that it can actually integrate two handsets into the system via Bluetooth. You might think of it as a gimmick, but if you do find yourself in that uncommon situation where you do need to use it, you’ll be glad it’s there. This does have a few practical functions though, such as syncing and storing contacts within the system. This works if you aren’t expecting several users or have users who use the same contacts frequently. Along with the vocal voice mail alert its more expensive big brother has, this comes with a very useful feature in the form of a cellular locate mode, which is especially invaluable when you have kids around the house or are simply the type of person who tends to misplace their belongings frequently.

While the two cordless phones we have talked about thus far are indeed excellent in their own right, some people still can’t justify spending $135 and $99 respectively for a handset. Some people just want a barebones device that just works for the task it was intended to do. If you are the type of person who fits this criteria, then you might want to give the VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone a look. With a price tag of $36, it is significantly cheaper compared to the previous two we mentioned, coming in at less than half the price of the $99 Panasonic model. Given, this isn’t the cheapest cordless phone out there, but it is the cheapest cordless phone that doesn’t compromise on quality with a low price tag without compromising on things you will actually use. In Amazon, this is actually one of their best-selling items. While reading its name, you might have realized the emphasis of DECT 6.0. But what is it? It is basically a wireless technology that improves range without boosting power. Not only does this improve the range at which you can use it, but it also eliminates the possibility of interference from other wireless networks. It comes with the basic features you would come to expect from a device slightly more expensive than it is, such as the basic caller ID, speed dial, voice mail, redial, phonebook directory, mute, and more importantly intercom between handsets. Fortunately, that’s not all it has behind its premium feeling exterior, and adds a couple of features you don’t normally see in this price range. It has the ability to expand to other headsets; up to 5 to be precise, and it has a power saving feature. The last one is especially useful for someone who wants to be more frugal. With enough usage it basically pays for itself in the long haul. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a built-in answering machine, but it tries to compensate for that lacking feature by giving you the option to set up a direct dial to your digital voicemail. When someone does leave a message, you get notified.

In the age of smartphones, products that revolve around the Internet of Things, and even artificial intelligence, technology can seem a bit complicated, and dipping your toes in may seem like a daunting task. Despite the lower sales, there is fortunately still a place for older, more timeless devices like cordless phones. These work especially well for people who just want to get rid of the clutter and enjoy simpler times. Oh, and the best part? Getting a fully functional cordless phone doesn’t cost a pretty penny to purchase and maintain!

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15 Nov 2018

By XYZies