High Speed Internet and Phone: What to Know

Technology has become a great lead towards a more advanced future in the society today. It serves as a perfect channel for every individual who wishes to become more progressive in the course of time. Along with the birth of technology is the invention of Mobile Phones and Internet.

Owning a high speed internet and phone can make someone’s everyday life easier and better because the world will start to get smaller and smaller, thus making them stay connected to anyone in this planet at any time of the day.

Every individual can secure Internet access through some popular devices of nowadays – laptops, computer desktop, cellphones, iPads, and tablets. Most people have more access to it on their mobile phones since it is more flexible and can be brought anywhere. The need to provide a the best service, calls the attention of many mobile plan providers in today’s market.

More than half of the world’s population use high speed internet and phone service not just once, but many times in every single day. Regularly checking emails, updating social media accounts, downloading music and videos, searching for information and even shopping can be done with no hassle. Internet and phone have become essential since almost everyone cannot live without having it for a day.


Top Internet and Phone Providers in the USA

As the Internet develops to be more in demand globally-for business and personal use, along with that is the growing number of Internet Service Providers. Since being able to connect online seems to be a necessity for almost everyone nowadays, especially in dealing with work or school-related activities, one must have a good service provider to enjoy using the Internet. These are companies that will provide the access and other services offered together with the use of the Internet.

There are so many internet and phone service companies that are now operating across the United States, making it to a point of having a wide range to choose from. They offer different kinds of plans depending on the internet speed and rates. Each company uses different types of providers - through DSL, cable Internet, fiber-optics services, fixed wireless and mobile broadbands, all offering Internet services. The process of selecting which one offers the best doesn’t have to be that hard.  

Those that offer the fastest speed of internet undoubtedly belong to the top. The more the technology advances, the quicker and efficient internet access is needed. So which providers offer the fastest internet?

  • XFINITY. By coverage area, Xfinity happens to be the largest provider of cable Internet in the US. Covering 40 states, they are now operating its service to 110 million subscribers. They have different internet and phone service plans with speed of data ranging from 10mbps to 2 gigabits or 2,000mbps within a span of second – that’s quite satisfying. Their service plan starts at a monthly rate of $29.99 for 10mbps. They offer regular monthly rate of $64.95 and their internet bundle plan has a monthly rate of $39.99.


  • Cox Communications. Covering 18 states, this company is one of the largest cable Internet providers with 20 million subscribers. They also offer fiber-optic Internet service. Their plan starts at a monthly rate of $29.99 for 15mbps. Internet speed is up to 300mbps.


  • Spectrum. The company is known to be one of the largest cable Internet operators in the USA. They also offer fiber Internet service. Their plan bundle starts at $29.99 with speed starting from 60mbps.


  • Verizon Fiber Optic Service. Being the first one that offers fiber-optic service in homes, this company happens to be the largest internet service provider which uses fibers now covering 10 states. Their rate starts at $64.99 per month for up to 100mbps.


  • AT&T Internet. Though their company name is already one of the biggest in the wireless market, their high-speed internet operates only to 22 states. They offer DSL, fiber optics, and fixed wireless Internet plan. Their bundle plan starts at $30 per month for an internet speed of up to 50mbps. They also offer separately an unlimited data plan.


  • Century Link. The company is now operating in almost 36 states with 48 million subscribers in approximate. Their plan starts at $49.99 monthly rate for up to 12mbps speed with a 12GB data cap, and 25mbps speed to selected areas.


  • WOW. This company offers cable Internet, fiber-optics and DSL Internet service across to only 10 states. Their plan starts at a monthly rate of $29.99 for 10mbps with speed up to 1GB per second.


  • Windstream. They provide Internet services through DSL, fixed wireless, fiber-optics, and cable Internet across 50 states, making the company be one of the largest Internet providers in the U.S. Their plan starts at a monthly rate of $44.99 per month with 15mbps download speed.


  • Sprint.  This company is considered as one of the lead providers in the mobile broadband market and they cover 280 million subscribers to 48 states. Their monthly offer starts at $50 for up to 6GB of data.


  • T-Mobile. This company is also one of the leading companies that provide mobile broadband Internet service in the USA, covering approximately 250 million subscribers. Their plan starts at a monthly rate of $70.


  • Cricket Wireless. This company offers mobile broadband Internet to over 36 states in the U.S. Their plan starts at $30 per month for data speed of up to 1GB.


These data were gathered by researching the companies thoroughly about their offered plans, just to provide the important information regarding their monthly rates and data speed. Most of the companies start to offer minimum data speed of 10mbps, which is enough to browse the Internet and watch live stream videos or television services and can still update life status on social media accounts.

There are also internet and phone providers that offer low-cost monthly rates with a lower speed of data. These kinds of internet service can only support a limited number of cellphone devices that stay connected at the same time. Though they only have slower speeds, the service is still fast enough to pay bills online, check and send emails, update social media accounts and can still finish student’s school-related assignments.

For internet speed good for gaming where more mobile devices have to stay connected, beyond 150mbps is most needed. Those providers which offer cable Internet and fiber-optics can accommodate the desired speed for these kinds of situation.

Internet plays a big role in today’s world of advanced technologies. Anyone can almost do anything by only surfing and search through the web browser; from shopping to repairing devices. There are a lot of websites that are open and are free to be viewed publicly and anyone can easily access them. Though it may be a good deal, but this Internet freedom threatens the security of the users and the device. In line with this matter, most of the Internet and phone providers have already built-in antivirus software installed to detect and screen malicious URLs that can harm the software and also protect the mind of the underage users. These detected links will be automatically blacklisted. There are providers who have invented their own internet security software, and XFINITY is one of them. Some companies are working in collaboration with third-party companies for security purposes just to protect the customer’s mobile device.

Best Deal on high speed internet and phone bundles

There is no reason for you to spend so much time searching for the best high speed internet and phone provider in the U.S. If you’re looking for an Internet and phone bundle, you can find the best deals at XFINITY.

XFINITY is highly known as the “Fastest Internet Service Provider in America” basing on over 60 million consumer tests done by Ookla’s SpeedTest.net, thus providing the simplest and fastest possible way to access all the fun there is across all mobile devices. Included in their Internet deals is listed below:

Performance Starter Internet rate at $24.99 per month, with 10Mbps download speed enough for up to 2 devices all connected at the same time.

Performance Pro Internet at $89.95 per month, with up to 100Mbps good for 6-8 devices connected at the same time.

Blast! Internet rate at $92.95 per month, with up to 50Mbps download speed available for 8+ devices at the same time.

Gigabit Internet rate at $79.99 per month, with up to 1000Mbps download speed enough to cover unlimited devices connected at the same time.

Gigabit Pro Internet rate at $149.99 per month, with up to 2000Mbps download speed good for as many devices connected at the same time.

If you’re conscious of the budget, XFINITY has a lot of deals offering at the lowest price. Give everyone in your family the perfect package plan while staying connected to each other. So what type of XFINITY Plan are you interested in?

To subscribe and know more about XFINITY’s Internet and Phone service offers, dial the hotline 1-888-877-0231 and experience the best brand of Customer Service. Or you can visit https://www.internetnmore.com/ for more details.

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17 Mar 2018

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