Helpful Tips for Finding Home Phone Deals for 2018

Many households in the U.S. still rely so much on home phone services. Different telecommunication companies have come up with an idea of offering home phone deals to make people’s lives even better. With all the exciting and reliable offers, it’s hard to find which provider has the best deals that can satisfy the customer without worrying so much about their bills.

Home phones or landline phones, there are still a lot of reasons why choosing home phone deals is a wise decision. These services include home phone services that are combined with other services such as internet connection and cable TV. These deals are offered at different rates depending on the customer’s usage, all in one form of payment. These services were teamed up for a more convenient service in entertainment and communication phase.

If you’re one of those customers who keep on shaking their heads after receiving their increasing monthly bills, but still want to enjoy all the services, choosing home phone deals is definitely the solution. But because of the high competition on different home phone providers in the market, all offering best offers, there is a need to tackle up the things that need to be considered in choosing the best home phone deal.

Gathering information about the differences between all the existing deals also means understanding the kind of technology these companies are using. Learning more about these distinctions and these companies will enlighten anyone that is searching for the best plan according to their needs and allotted budget.

Before signing up any contracts or giving full trust directly to any home phone company, knowing if there are additional fees aside from the monthly rates is highly advised. If you type in and search these companies on the internet, their monthly rates are all posted, however, after the subscription, there’s a possibility that the company will add charges or extra fees. And reading their terms and conditions of the installation fee and monthly rate is a must.

Some of the additional fees include the following:

Installation.It depends on what type of technology the provider is using. There are some instances where a representative from the company will go to your home residence for the installation of the equipment and device, and they may ask for an installation fee. Or right after the installation is done, other companies will ask for activation fee upon turning on the service. This should be clearly shown in the terms and agreements.

Special Equipment Fee.Depending on what type of home phone service you want to subscribe, the company will charge for a monthly rental fee if there is a need for any special device like router or modem to make your chosen services work. Or another fee to buy the equipment will be asked. So, in comparing these different deals, add the rental fee or the cost of equipment to your notes. If you want to just buy your own device than renting per month, make sure that the services in those providers will allow a third-party device.

Unlimited Calls. Included is the unlimited calling plans but some companies still charge extra if you use more than their allotted range of data and minutes. Make sure to review their offers and plans on the provider's terms and conditions.

Another thing to consider in finding the right home phone plan for you are the discounts you can get by subscribing. Some companies offer these discounts to new customers as a gift for purchasing their services, and some offer this to old customers who want to add another service or bundle up their home phones with either internet connection or cable TV. The need to compare these discounts is one great advantage.

For new customers, companies like XFINITY and many others, offer promotional pricing and certain discounts once you sign up a service contract with them. This kind of freebies are usually offered within time limits and will not be valid after a certain period. If you want to switch to only one telecommunication service provider for all the services, you can actually save more money and will have only one bill to be taken care of.

For old customers who want to choose home phone plans in a bundled offer, another telecommunication service will be added like additional internet speed or free channels, usually at a discounted price. The rates will be determined according to the customers desired usage.

Some home phone plans are offered on a monthly basis while others are made available through contract signing. When we say no contract, these plans will allow you to cancel anytime the kind of service you choose if you no longer need it. And the good thing is the rate may change with the company notifying you about it. On the other hand, some companies offer home phone plans with a contract guaranteed that there will be no sudden increase in the bill. But if you happen to cancel a contractual home phone plan, chances are high that you’ll have to pay for penalties. Another option in contractual offers is you can actually negotiate for a trial period wherein you can cancel the offer without penalty. Some companies did not advertise this one, so better ask any customer service representative.

Another few tips to consider in looking for the best home phone deal is how you are going to use them, whether you need it for international calls or only use it for home business. Depending on your needs, if you will most likely call somebody in any foreign countries, you have to choose a home phone provider that offers unlimited international calling plan. Though it will not include all the countries but choose the one that can reach more corners around the world. Or better ask any representative from the company about the only including countries, and which countries have additional fees per minute. If you are planning to use it for business use, choose home phone plans with cool calling features like call waiting or with voice mail so you can’t miss any important business calls. You can also check for home phone plans with alarm systems, where it will send alerts automatically to a security company.

Above all, it is still very important to check all the company’s terms and agreements to avoid any misunderstanding on the offers and hidden charges.

XFINITY Voice as Best Home Phone Deal for 2018

If you happen to find XFINITY home phone service in your area, then you’re lucky enough to access the best choice directly. Landline phones are still very important nowadays because it has a clearer reception compared to cellular phones and it can still function even in power outage. And XFINITY happens to provide a kind of home phone service with exciting features like no other.

Why is XFINITY the perfect choice? When it comes to Unlimited Calling, they can provide you with a reliable service with unlimited talk and text, including exciting features like Caller ID on the devices even your home phone number. They offer XFINITY Voice Unlimited plan where you can get a refund for your money if you are not satisfied with their service, within 30 days. But still, you have to contact XFINITY’s customer service to find out if the offer is available in your area.

XFINITY also offers Voice Local with More, this is a home phone service that focuses more on unlimited calling in local areas with five cents per minute fee for nationwide distance calling. Similar to Voice Unlimited, they will give you back the money you were charged for 30 days if you are not satisfied with their service.

You can actually keep your current number if you’ll decide to switch to XFINITY now. Guaranteed that upon subscription, you’ll enjoy 12 exciting calling features. These features include: Three-way calling, call rejection, call forwarding, selective call forwarding, return call, call screening, call waiting, caller ID, caller ID blocking per call, Caller ID with call waiting, repeat dialing and speed dialing. But there are calling features that are not included in XFINITY Voice Unlimited plan. While you have a control over some of the features by turning it on or off using a press button.

For international calling, you can make unlimited calls to almost half of the countries. But you’ll be charged if you want to call on areas not listed on the home phone plans offered by XFINITY. Moreover, they offer a plan where you can enjoy 300 minutes of home phone service and select mobile calling in the listed countries for a certain charge. This plan is not valid under the listed countries.

XFINITY also has a home phone plan for affordable internet connection and phone calling services. Example plan is their performance offer, with 25Mbps of internet connection and voice unlimited, for a certain monthly rate. They call this offer as Double Play plan.

They also offer Triple Play with a two-year agreement for an affordable price including XFINITY TV, Xfinity WiFi, and XFINITY home phone. Your way of watching TV will be changed into more advanced one with XFINITY’s X1.

Another advanced feature with XFINITY’s home phone offer is their Quad Play plan, where you can bundle your XFINITY TV with their home phone and WiFi but there is a home security feature included. All the systems under this plan can be controlled in conjunction with home security suite on automatic features.

XFINITY is right for your needs and budget since all their plans are affordable. See their offers and exciting home phone deals for more details at

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30 Mar 2018

By XYZCell