Getting connected in town through high speed internet in Greeneville TN

Those who are planning to live in the relatively small town of Greeneville in the state of Tennessee will likely want to know if the town itself has some reputable internet service providers. Fortunately, there are few reputable service providers available that are offering high speed internet in Greeneville TN.

The town of Greeneville, which is the only town in the United States with this particular spelling, is notably known as the town where former United States President Andrew Johnson launched his political career. The county seat of Greene County, which was named in honor of the Revolutionary War hero, Nathanael Greene, was once the capital of the former state of Franklin during the 18th century.

Given its rich history and culture, the town itself has attracted a lot of visitors and new residents over the years. According to a 2010 census report, the town is currently being called home by more than 15,000 residents. It is currently part of the “Tri-City” region that includes the Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol TN-VA Combined Statistical Area. Another notable fact about the small town in Tennessee is that a United States Navy Los Angeles-class submarine was actually named after it. The USS Greeneville was so-named to honor the historic town.

As far as its economy is concerned, the town of Greeneville is currently a bustling town that is growing in influence. There are currently two major regional companies that have placed their headquarters right smack in the middle of town. Greenbank, which was recently acquired by Capital Bank Financial, has multiple offices and branch locations throughout the town. Landair Corporation is also located in the western part of the city. Local financial institutions, including the Consumer Credit Union, Heritage Community Bank, Andrew Johnson Bank, and the Greeneville Federal Bank are also headquartered in the town.

With so many institutions located within the town, there is an underlying need for high speed internet in Greeneville TN. As of the moment, there are currently 10 internet service providers in Greeneville, with half of them catering to business internet needs and the other half offering residential internet service.

Business internet providers offer the different institutions and small businesses with a myriad of internet connectivity options, including enterprise-level services such as custom solutions, Ethernet, IP transit, point-to-multi-point communications, and fixed wireless. Two of the biggest business internet providers that are available in town is Comcast Business and Century Link Business.

For residential applications, the only available wired options are DSL and cable. Those who are not within the range of these wired providers have the option to get either wireless internet or satellite internet. Despite its relatively robust business internet availability, residential internet service in the town is somewhat limited.

Currently, only 66 percent of residents are guaranteed to have access to high speed internet in Greeneville TN. Some of the biggest residential internet providers in town, including Xfinity by Comcast and Century Link, are continually expanding their networks. This means that coverage in town may eventually expand as the different networks become more established. The cheapest and more readily available option in the town is DSL internet service. Century Link is the biggest internet service provider in town with a coverage of about 91 percent.

Due to the fact that DSL utilizes the same copper wire network used by telephone lines, a vast majority of the households and business establishments within the city will have access. Aside from DSL internet, the company also offers residential telephone service for most of the town’s residents.

A basic DSL internet subscription with the company will cost residents $45 per month. This already includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 10 megabits per second and 1 terabytes of data consumption allowed per month. For this particular plan, the setup fee, which is normally $60, is waived. Customers are also required to pay an additional $10 per month as a rental fee for the hardware that will be used for the connection. Those that have their own hardware are not required to rent out the company’s equipment.

Customers who are planning to keep the connection for more than a year will likely be better off purchasing their own hardware as it will be much cheaper in the long run. The speeds provided by this basic plan will probably be sufficient for a household with one or two users that normally use their connection for light to medium tasks such as web browsing and standard definition video streaming.

The company does offer a higher internet speed of 25 megabits per second for the same $45 per month rate. However, users will have to pay the $60 setup fee if they want the slightly faster speeds. DSL internet nowadays is relatively fast, but it is significantly slower than cable.

Although DSL does provide a more consistent online experience seeing as that it is a dedicated connection. Cable internet connections are faster, but they are on a shared network which means that if more people are online and using the connection, speeds may slow down.

For true high speed internet in Greeneville TN, residents may want to get a cable internet subscription instead. Similar to DSL internet, cable internet utilizes an existing infrastructure that is already readily available in most parts of the town. Instead of copper telephone wires, cable internet utilizes the existing coaxial cable television network that is already well established within the town.

The most popular cable internet provider in town is Comcast, through their Xfinity internet service. The company currently has 97 percent coverage and is readily available in most households and business establishments.

A basic internet-only plan from Comcast will cost customers $49.99 per month. This plan includes an internet connection with speeds of up 100 megabits per second and 1 terabytes of usable data per month.

These types of speeds are more than sufficient for most households with four or more users who typically use the connection for medium to heavy online activities such as HD video streaming and online gaming. It has to be noted that the advertised monthly rate will only apply to the first year, afterward customers will need to pay $79.95 per month to keep the service.

Similar to the previously mentioned DSL plans, Comcast’s cable internet plans will also come with some add-on fees such as an $11 modem rental fee. Customers will plan to use their service for more than one year are better off just buying their own hardware to save money.

Aside from offering cable internet service, Comcast is also able to offer relatively cheap cable television service. In fact, the company does offer some very enticing all-in-one packages that will be perfect for those who are looking to get multiple services from a single provider.

Additionally, the company does offer extremely fast high speed internet in Greeneville TN through the use of their relatively new hybrid fiber-coaxial networks. These plans may be a bit too expensive for most, but they do offer speeds that come very close to actual fiber optic connections.

A hybrid fiber-coaxial internet connection with the company will cost customers $115.99 per month. This includes an internet connection that can reach speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second. Unfortunately, the plan does come with a 1 terabyte data cap. With the increased speeds, going through the 1 terabyte of allocated data will be relatively quick, which means that users should still be mindful of their data usage.

Additionally, the company’s Gigabit Internet plan does come with a two-year lock-in contract, which means that customers are not allowed to prematurely end their subscriptions. If a customer chooses to end his or her contract, he or she will have to pay an early termination fee.

Those who are not really within reach of the aforementioned wired internet service providers can still get online through a subscription from either a wireless internet provider or a satellite internet provider.

The most popular wireless internet provider in Greeneville is Ridgecomms. The company’s service is readily available in all parts of town. A basic wireless internet plan with the company will cost only $35 per month and will include an internet connection with speeds of up to 3 megabits per second.

The maximum speeds that can be reached by wireless internet are relatively slow when compared to DSL and cable. The company most expensive plan, which cost $70 per month, only has a maximum speed of around 15 megabits per second.

For satellite internet, Greeneville residents can choose from either ViaSat or HughesNet. Similar to wireless internet, satellite internet is still somewhat limited when it comes to the maximum speeds it can reach, but it is a bit faster than wireless internet. A basic plan with HughesNet will cost customers $49.99 per month. This plan includes an internet connection with speeds of up to 25 megabits per second with 10 gigabytes of data.

While satellite internet may be a bit faster than wireless, it actually entails a lot more money to have it set up. A satellite internet subscription with any of the two providers will include a two-year contract and lock-in period. Early termination of an account will cost customers a whopping $400, which they would need to pay immediately. Additionally, a $99 setup fee is required for each new subscription.

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