Gamers’ Checklist to High Speed Internet Providers

The modern world has gifted us with inventions beyond the imagination of the past millennium. The great minds of our ancestors were able to come up with innumerable inventions and devices that have helped us cope with the struggles of how primitive men lived in the day.

We are quite fortunate to have electronic devices such as our computers and cell phones for work and entertainment. Along with it came the internet that revolutionized the world! Let us not forget to thank the top high speed internet providers for letting us enjoy fast-paced entertainment. This wonderful invention has allowed us to access our favorite sites, social media pages and notably, the lag-free gaming we get to experience such bliss.

If you are a gamer in this age, then you are not new to the woes that come with a frustratingly slow internet connection that is not up to par with your games’ needs. It is quite important to choose a trusted internet provider that gives you exemplary service for your gameplay needs to achieve the high scores we want.

When it comes to being an avid gamer, it is wise to equip yourself with an internet connection that surpasses others. There are those of us, who have made gaming more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle. That is why it is necessary to know what makes up the best internet service provider.

Understanding your Needs

In the terms of the gaming world, two words mean everything: Latency and Ping. Latency is the time it takes for data packets to reach your electronic device from a server. Meanwhile, Ping is the total amount of time that data packets leave the electronic device, reaches a certain server and comes back to the device. These two are important because they are crucial to getting high scores and helping out the team win the game.

Latency and Ping are very important for gamers, especially that a half second delay between teammates and the opposing players can be the basis to a win or saddening defeat. Companies that offer internet service, even the high-speed internet providers, sell deals that only advertise the bandwidth details of the internet plan. Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transmitted during a fixed or specific time in the zone that you are living in.

You can’t get in-depth knowledge about your desired ping and latency numbers. It is also hard for Internet Service Providers or ISPs to give you the needed information you want for the best gaming experience because ping and latency vary in each area you are from.

Testing your Connection

High Speed Internet providers can give better service in comparison to slow DSL connection.  Honestly, even if a DSL connection is at its slowest but given that it has low latency you can still play a decent game. To check your connection status, all you need to do is do a speed test for latency and ping on and better do it during the peak hours like 7 PM to 9 PM. This will give you an idea of the internet connection in your area and how much you are getting from you the internet service provider you are subscribed to at the moment.

There is also another way to test your internet connection by using the Windows Command Prompt on your personal computer if you are using Microsoft Windows as your operating system.  They call it a “ping” test because you’ll be running the “ping” program. It’s a simple way of testing your internet connection without any extra software or opening another site.

For example, if you are a Windows OS user, all you need to do is open the start menu and type in Search “command prompt” or simply “cmd”. The command prompt window will open, and you just type the words within the parenthesis (ping and press Enter.

It will show your Ping Statistics for the site you typed ( showing the data packets that were Sent, Received and Lost. “Sent” is the amount of data packets ping sent to the link address you put in the prompt. The default number for sent is four. “Received” is the number of packets that returned from the link address you typed, and the result should ideally be equal to the number in “sent”.  “Lost” is/are the packets that did not return from your typed link address thus, it should be zero.

The results will also show the amount of time the data packets made their round trip from you to the link address you typed and back to you as shown in milliseconds. “Minimum” shows the shortest time; “maximum” is the longest time it took and “average” gives the average time the round trip of all the packets were made.  Preferably, this should be as low as it could get (ex. 3ms) because the higher the number is, it equates to how slow your connection may be.

These ways of monitoring your internet connection can be useful for you to determine the necessary actions you must make in order to compensate for a better gaming experience. There are other helpful ways too and those are for you to find out yourselves. Knowing the condition of your internet connection can save you from the stress of living with a slow connection that could lead to your downfall in the gaming world because of lag troubles.

Checking Availability

Now that you have the idea of how to get the most of your gaming experience, it’s high time to start checking out the internet providers in your area. It’s always best to know which one can give you the best deal with the budget you have or willing to invest to for the optimal gaming experience.

It is vital to take note of the actual upload speed and actual download speed of any internet service provider. These can vary depending on your area and be different from what was advertised. Upload speed is a factor that affects latency. If you are the gamer type that live streams your games, then this should be one factor to help you decide. Download speed is second to latency in importance considering that most games need updating and also if you are into more than one game especially if they are Massively Multi-player games (MMOs or MOBAs).

High speed internet providers should be able to satisfy these needs. Reliability is the key to a trusting relationship between gamer and internet providers. Everyone should opt to have efficient network connections because they can make or break our careers, may we be gamers having the time of our lives, stay at home moms into blogging or businesspersons working at home.

Thankfully, internet providers have acknowledged the needs of gamers and provided deals that fit them and their families. You can check out for good deals on a reliable internet connection for the whole family, especially for the enthusiastic gamer.

Virtual online gamers of today should be taken as VIPs and thus, be treated like Kings and Queens because they are rulers of the gaming world and in turn are loyal subscribers to reliable high-speed internet providers. They are key players in the business of online gaming and to internet service providers not just through wired connections but as well as wireless connections.

Undoubtedly, hardwired internet connections are more stable than wireless ones. Online gaming through a Wi-Fi connection is troublesome at times because it is susceptible to slowdowns that can interrupt an intense battle game. A trusted internet provider should be able to deliver deals that have strong Wi-Fi connections for gamers who prefer to play mobile games on their electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, PSPs and such. You can also boost your Wi-Fi connection by having a high-quality signal booster.

Higher internet speeds are perfect for the home with multiple users. The passionate gamer can encounter problems when being connected to a shared network. Most players enjoy their games at home. Homes can have more than one family member who’ll be connecting to the internet watching videos online, browsing through social media and the likes. It is better to be equipped and not be bothered by other peoples’ internet usage.

Summing up all the key points on what gamers should consider from their high speed internet providers it all boils down to a strong internet connection that provides low latency, an admirable ping rate, satisfying actual download speeds and actual upload speeds results, and solid Wi-Fi connection.

These are all essential details an ardent gamer must find in order to experience the best games while playing with a fine team lineup to get top scores in all the games they play and love. We should invest in good connections to reap outstanding results. Playing online games should be relaxing and fun; not stressful and crushing.

There is so much to see and practice for when being a gamer of the online community. We get to learn from mistakes may they be online or offline as long as we take the necessary actions to solve avoidable problems by coming up with desirable solutions.


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17 Mar 2018

By XYZCell