For Progress and Change: When will 5G be available near me?


The internet industry rapidly advances in creating stronger and faster connection to bring communication and entertainment to the masses with a high level of satisfaction. Throughout time, the development of internet speed  keeps on evolving from 2G, 3G, LTE or 4G and now to the newest network 5G. This upcoming network will offer incredibly fast wireless internet connection that can transmit all sorts of data to our homes. 5G will also provide faster mobile connection so that we can connect all our devices to the internet, stream live videos, downloads movies, and upload pictures quicker with less delay.  This kind of network will change the world of internet and the way we communicate, but the question is when will 5G be available near me?

Digging deeper about 5G

As smartphones technology advances, customers have seen and experienced various generations of data technology which started in the 1990s.  When wireless technology first arose, the first generation network can support only voice communications. Later on, during the second generation of mobile technology, texting and calling of two cellular devices became possible.  As the years passed by, the progress of technology keep on advancing with the third generation network being invented which allows the people to send text, make calls and surf on the internet from their wireless devices such as the smartphone.  A few years later, fourth generation mobile connectivity or LTE (Long Term Evolution) was created which is still transforming our world today. This new generation of mobile connectivity gives different kinds of features and allows smartphones and devices to connect to high speed internet connections.  Under idyllic settings, this network transfer data speed that allows downloading of an HD movie to a mobile device in just a matter of hours, not days.  We all know that most of the population in this world have access to an internet connection with a myriad of devices such as computers, personal laptops, tablets and smartphones.  

Almost everything is now available in the internet, in fact it is vital and popular in making people lives easier and better with its many services spanning various fields. Internet becomes an inventive facility which can help people in completing many errands easily and usefully in just a few clicks using their gadgets.  Nowadays we can send or check email easily and exchange calls and chats for several minutes and hours with our groups and families using the power of the internet. One of the uses that smart phones and internet offers is communication as it plays the most important role in our life. Without communication everything is in chaos and people will feel more isolated. We use communication to build relationship and share our knowledge to other people. People communicate not only face to face but also in giving information through internet such us video calls and chats or as simple as purchasing some online products.  Every day we communicate with a lot of people like friends, relatives, co-workers, and even strangers.  Communications is also the main reason why home phone and internet was invented.  As time passes by people learn to see and understand that some individuals need it both together at once.

Aside from communication, one of the biggest advantages the Internet is the connectivity it offers making the world a smaller place.  The Internet is like an ocean as provides thousands of information and data on any topic imaginable. Data or information that can be gleaned from the internet can be services and reports which needs a lot of research to be done beforehand.  The internet also lets you pay your bills online and purchase countless items and even finding jobs with just a click of your keyboard.

Even though we have advanced so much in the field of internet connectivity, the internet connection we have now is not really that strong enough to meet our ever-growing demands and devices currently connected to it.  Some of us wanted to have a faster one since the ideal conditions of 4G networks are often disrupted by microwaves and buildings. The industry’s frontrunners know of this kind of problems that are often encountered by many smartphones and internet users and their consumers.  With the problems encountered by the users of such networks, experts keep on enhancing, to achieve the highest level of satisfaction of every individual when it comes to mobile network technologies. This is the main reason why 5G or the fifth generation network was invented.

Many of us are excited with this upcoming technology and have always asked ourselves when will 5G be available near me?  According to some experts, around 2020 will be the year that 5G will be released in the mainstream and it will create a new architecture that will be built to last with the ongoing advancements being made still with mobile communication. By that time 20 billion of devices will be connected to the internet.  According to Claure an expert of technologies “5G can perform ten times faster than the LTE networks and enable to boost data speed marvellously and downloads will be available in a matter of seconds.” Because 5G include features of low latency, high throughput, high mobility and high connection density which will range up to 10GB per second, one can download typical HD movies in just a matter of seconds.  Unlike the previous networks, 5G will be based on an elastic system of both micro and macro cells that can be enhanced easily.  Many carriers are ready to spend and provide 5G network to their beloved consumers, however the 5G executions will be quite expensive and time consuming.  This network will benefit the telecommunications sector to a great extent by providing increased speeds in the internet, hence, increased usage of smart devices usage by consumers. Since 5G is not available as of now because research, development and trials are still needed to be done in order to launch the perfect 5G to the world and consumers later on.  

As of now there are hundreds of telecommunication companies that offers great plans and bundles with high speed internet connection perfectly paired with cable TV.  These bundles let you enjoy hundreds of channels such as news and entertainment shows, letting you surf both the internet and the different channels it offers on your television.  One of the largest companies which offers these kinds of bundles is Spectrum. You can check their offers by following this link or you can dial the phone number 1-855-400-1040 from your phone.  Now is the time to make the switch!

Pros of having 5G

Multiple Connections

One of the common problems that users encounter is that while more users are connected to the internet, the slower data speed they experience.  It is quite frustrating to have slower connections when you needed it the most, especially when watching videos or when downloading data for your reports or sending emails at work and they are taking time to load or send.  This usually happens to previous generation of networks such as 2G and 3G. As for 4G or LTE, we can say that internet connection is quite strong and these frustrations are minimized, however, when devices connected to the internet exceeds 6 or 7, data speeds tend to suffer.  In 5G technology, more devices and users can be connected all at the same time without affecting data speeds.


New technology selections may become obtainable

There are some research and reports state that 5G network may able to operate at speeds that are thousand times faster than the current 4G network.  With the development this technology, tasks that are once only performed by a mainframe or desktop computers can now be achieved by other smart devices.  As the network speeds increase, more and more task can be done easily from the domain of computers to the domain of cellular devices. Increasing network speed can lead to the opening of new opportunities for smart devices that may not available in the past.  Isn’t it exciting? I bet many of us are eager to know when will 5G available near me?  Let us all wait and behold the wonders of this technology when it becomes available in the mainstream!



Fifth generation technologies offers an extensive variety of features, which are beneficial for all kinds of people and professions including teachers, students, common man and to the people in the business.  This generation will provide a vast array of data, which will support more than 50,000 connections and possibly provide continuous and consistent connectivity across the world. These are good to some business firms that offer free internet connections like cafes, hotels, restaurants and many more.  Aside from that we all know that businesses these days have been revolutionized to tap into the online market. Most of the popular stores nowadays have a business unit that caters to their customers online. It is very popular these days to sell and do online shopping, as it provides and let customers search goods and features of specific brands, items, and models with very reasonable prices without the need of physically going into the store.  This kind of business really needs consistent and reliable internet connections as online stores usually open 24/7.

While 5G network are still progressing and under development, there is no doubt that the coming of this network give excitement to everyone, including those in the business.  There are already carriers that ran and plan to launch mobile 5G across the world like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Charter Spectrum. The birth of 5G networks would help transform our current cities to sophisticated smart cities as it aims to improve the wireless generation’s network enabling the different devices to run smoothly.  Along with the advantages of technologies that are coming, are also disadvantages that would set in. It is always good to do some research and read reports about this upcoming development of our technologies and what impact does 5G have to our society.

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14 Oct 2018

By XYZies