Comparing US providers for the best bundle deals for TV internet and phone


Internet service providers that are serving residents in the different cities within the United States often offer more than just internet access. Most of these companies formerly provided telephone or cable service before the rise in popularity of private internet subscriptions. It would only make sense that these companies also offer their home-grown internet services along with their latest offerings. The way these products are being sold is mostly through bundled plans that will include two or three different services. For residents, finding the best bundle deals for TV internet and the phone becomes quite a challenge given the sheer amount of choices that is currently available.

Fortunately, most providers make it quite easy for people to choose which of the plans will best suit their needs through customized bundles. It has to be considered that being the best is relatively very subjective as different factors may be a priority for some, but not so necessary for others. Some people may value raw internet connections speeds more than value for money while others will want bargain deals that offer the multiple services they need with great customer experience.

When trying to find the best internet bundle deals amongst the ones that are available in the market, customers have to first consider their needs. A household with one or two people in it may be okay with using an internet connection that will allow them to do light to medium online activities such as web browsing and social media. However, a household with five or more people all using Wi-Fi connection across multiple devices may want to consider getting a bundle with a high-speed internet plan. There are also other factors that needs to be considered apart from just the speed of the connection. Customers also have to find out if the program they want will come with a monthly data cap or not. People who like to consume a lot of high-resolution videos will probably want to consider getting a plan without a monthly data cap. Watching television shows and movies online will actually use a lot of data, and households who do these types of online activities on a daily basis may find their accounts throttled down after they exceed their monthly allocation.

Residents in the United States do have a lot of bundles to choose from, thanks to the presence of multiple service providers across the country. Regarding the speeds that are being offered, connections could range anywhere from as low as five megabits per second up to 2,000 megabits per second. The monthly bill will, of course, go up as the speeds increase across the different bundle deals. The typical monthly data allocation for most plans with data caps will run to about 1 terabyte per month. This amount of data will generally be more than enough for most users, but heavy online users will likely find it lacking for their particular purpose. Some plans with monthly data caps will generally cost less than plans without monthly data caps, but this will depend mostly on the service provider and the location. As for the monthly cost itself, necessary internet-only plans will typically start at around $20 per month. However, higher tier plans with numerous services attached can go for as high as $300 per month. Some of the best bundle deals for TV internet and the phone will generally have a multi-year contract attached to them, which means that customers will not be allowed to prematurely end their subscriptions before the contract ends. Those who will complete their contracts prematurely may have to pay a hefty early termination fee. There are of course no-contract plans that are available. These types of the programs are mostly perfect for transients, renters, students, and other users who do not want to deal with a multi-year contract.

To find the best bundle deals for TV internet and phone, customers have to consider all of these factors to get the plan that best suits their needs. Speeds, data capping, contract duration, price, and the types of bundled services will have to be put into consideration. As for the bundled services, most companies will be offering either a television subscription or a residential telephone line with their internet connection. However, some bundles will contain all three services. These types of bundled are generally much better regarding overall cost as they are usually cheaper to purchase when compared to getting each service separately. Service providers also throw in a lot of add-on bonuses for bundle subscribers to promote their different functions. Some companies even offer a free credit of up to $500, which can be used to pay off the early termination fee of a previous subscription. This is intended to allow subscribers to switch to their services much more relaxed and without having to worry about paying hundreds of dollars for the early termination fee.

The top pick for the best internet service bundle regarding its overall availability would have to be Comcast's Xfinity service. The company is one of the biggest and most reliable providers that are also readily available to most residents in the United States. Regarding overall coverage, Comcast is the clear winner, thanks to its presence in over 41 states. The company also has several bundle options that combine all three services, namely a high-speed internet connection, cable television, and residential telephone. The company's internet service is also top-notch, with internet speeds going as high as 2,000 megabits per second. The company has a high score for its actual-to-advertised speed ratios and excellent customer service. Unfortunately, the company does impose a strict 1 terabyte data cap on most of its bundled plans. The company does offer a variety of bundles with either a no-contract stipulation or a multi-year agreement depending on the plan. Opting for a bundle deal with a contract will usually shave off around $10 from the monthly rate when compared to a no-contract plan.

One of the company's best bundle deals for TV internet and phone is its Starter XF Triple Play plan, which will cost $99 per month. This particular bundle will include an internet connection with speeds of up to 150 megabits per second, a digital television service with over 140 digital channels involved, and a residential telephone line. The advertised monthly rate is unfortunately only applicable in the first year of the two-year contract. The monthly rate will them jump to $124.99 on the second year of the subscription.

When it comes to consistency and raw internet speeds, the best option for most customers would be to go for a bundle deal with Verizon FiOS. The company offers one of the most reliable internet service connections available through the use of its growing fiber-optic network. Internet connection speeds with the company can reach up to 940 megabits per second, and unlike cable internet, these speeds are entirely consistent and will rarely fluctuate as it is using fiber optic technology. The company also offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, which means that both download and upload will be as advertised.  The biggest issue with the company is, of course, its lack of availability. Verizon FiOS is currently not yet available in a lot of states. The service is now only available in only 10 counties, but the company is slowly building its network to cover more ground. Another thing to consider is the service's higher monthly rates when compared to other providers. However, for people who value speeds more than money, Verizon FiOS will be the perfect solution… if it’s available.

One of the company’s best bundle deals for TV internet and phone is its Verizon FiOS Triple Play plan priced at $109.99 per month. This particular plan includes an internet connection with speeds reaching up to 150 megabits per second for both download and upload. The plan also includes a digital television subscription with over 355 channels. The package also boasts a whopping 120 full HD channels, which would look perfect on the latest full HD and Ultra HD television sets. Finally, the plan also includes a residential telephone line with unlimited nationwide calling. All of these services utilize the same fiber optic network, which means that upload and download speeds, signal quality, and voice quality are all consistent and blazing fast.

To sweeten up the deal, the company is throwing in a free Samsung Chromebook 3 laptop for those who will subscribe to their bundled plans. The company is also offering free credit that can go towards paying off an early termination fee from a previous subscription. With all that it is offering, Verizon FiOS is definitely one of the best bundles that are currently available in the market today. However, its availability remains to be one of its most significant issues.  Verizon is currently still expanding its network, but not at the rate it was experiencing when it first launched the service. The company had previously announced that it has apparently decided to pause any significant expansion to focus more on improving its existing fiber optic infrastructure. 

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01 Nov 2018

By XYZies