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Are you in need of a new cable TV provider for your home entertainment? Ever wonder what the best cable TV plans in the USA are? One that has the best policy regarding price, the number of channels and customer service? Look no more! Here's a guide for you on our list of the best cable TV providers in the USA. When we say best, we mean that there are a lot of factors to consider them the best and in comparison to the other cable plans and providers. So sit back and learn more about different plans to study on cable TV - the best cable TV plans in the USA.


Firstly, the best set of deals would be by Comcast Xfinity cable TV's plans as they have one of the lowest prices for bundling: internet that is free with a TV bundle. Xfinity is the biggest cable provider in the USA. Their plans cost less than most other cable TV plans and offers. So if you are looking for a cheaper option with an internet connection too, Xfinity might have the best cable TV plans in the USA. They have the limited basic package that has your favorite channels like ABC, NBC, PBS and all the other primary cable channels for just $30-40 a month. In this plan, you can also enjoy 25mps internet bundle for free. Another would be the $40 Digital Economy package, although there is no internet connection included. It provides 100+ channels, including some top cable channels like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Fox News, CNN, A&E, E!, AMC, Lifetime, and Food Network.

Or you can have the Digital Starter package for the price of 50 dollars only! This package includes 140+ channels, as well as international news channels, FX, MTV, Syfy, Nickelodeon, HGTV, and of course the sports channels like ESPN, NFL Network, Pac 12, Root Sports and FS1. So if you are a cable TV fanatic, you'll love their plans and won't be missing out on the most popular shows and channels on national and global television. Another benefit you can earn from Comcast is that they give you TV plans without a contract. As you will only add on about $10 a month for those who aren't sure yet for a locked in a deal so this cable provider is worth a try!


Another best cable provider with the best cable TV plans would be Cox Cable TV. They offer standout DIY resources for those who want to troubleshoot or learn a feature of your service by watching one of their how-tos and detailed guides. They can also offer you customizable troubleshooting surveys for you to find more specific solutions, which is a great deal along with their plans. Although they have one package, and it's called the Contour. Before, they used to sell a bunch of TV plans with a great lineup of channels. For $65 you can enjoy 130+ channels, it has 31 popular networks in its list with family channels like Disney and Nickelodeon, movie channels like Lifetime, TNT and Hallmark, the basic cable like CBS and NBC, sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports. And lastly channels for your particular interest like E!, HGTV and Discovery channel. For premium plans and sport channel packages, you only need to add a $10-$15 add-ons every month.


For the best cable TV plans in the USA, DirecTV’s claims does not fall short on its offers, as they are the most popular TV service provider with service in all 50 states and they claim to be the undisputed leader in sports. Not only do they have widespread availability, but they also have great packages, a competitive DVR and the best customer service in the industry. The directive has more sports-related channels than that of Xfinity or Mediacom, so this is an excellent option for sports fanatics out there. Not only that, but they also offer a few exclusive NFL -related features like Fantasy Zone and Short Cuts. They also include international soccer games, college sports, MLB Network Strike Zone, the Outdoor Channel and the other regional channels for only a $14 add-on per month. Not only that, you can choose from a variety of six packages ranging from $50- $125 per month alone, and with a range of 145- 350 channels for you to surf through and enjoy. In it, you can surf through primary channels and kids networks to extras like TNT, TBS, AMC, Lifetime, MTV, Food Network, History, and HGTV. Best of all these channels are all in HD. It has 33 out of 35 best channels that are most watches. Plus, if you upgrade to the Entertainment package, you can enjoy more packages like the exclusive sports pack: ESPN and Fox Sports, or Niche channel pack: Sprout, Oxygen, Boomerang, Travel Channel and more.


You may also have heard of AT&T, which is under the AT&T umbrella. This cable provider earned a 63 reader score from Consumer reports and 70 percent customer satisfaction from the ACSI, and that is already a high criticism for a TV provider. AT&T has five different channel package options making them having the most variety. They offer both small and large channel packages from primary 20 channels to around 550 channels. They offer one of the most basic packages for those who are contented with having the underlying networks and live events, which is of course called Basic plan, it has 20 network channels like CW, Fox, ABC, PBS, and NBC. But you can add more variety to your project with channels like Animal Planet, Disney Channel, HGTV and Discover channel with the Family package for only $50. This package has 200 channels with 12 out of 35 best channels.


Other great deals are from Optimum cable TV. There's more to be excited about this service provider having some of the best cable TV plans in the USA. It is considered a smaller provider than those of the company giants in the same industry, and its service is only available in the following states: Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Due to its advanced support technology, it is scored highly by critics in the business world. This provider also uses a feature called GoToAssist. What does it do? It allows you to solve your tech problems through their support team-on-the-go remotely. As for their offers, they are considered having the cheapest plan covers with the best lineup of top channels like local networks, ESPN, Disney, Nickelodeon, E!, Freeform, MTV, Food Network, HGTV, Fox channel and a lot more. It has around 31 out of 35 most-watched networks. They also offer a no-lock up or contract plan. This plan, along with 255+ channels, can be yours to enjoy for the price of $65only!


Another great provider is Verizon FiOS TV as they are the current fast growing service across the USA. Although it is not considered a cable TV provider because it uses fiber-optic cables, which can provide better signal but not available in all states. But this company offers one of the best plans that cater to your interest in sports, comedy or movies. And what's more, you can choose between the contract or no-contract service like the other services mentioned earlier?

For their plans, they have the necessary cable for only $10 a month also called the FiOS TV Local package with 20 channels like Fox, ABC, PBS, NBC and other local channels. This plan is excellent for those only looking for primary channels to watch the news, awards shoes and big network prime-time shows or specials. Another plan option they offer is their unique Custom TV plan for $65 a month. You can choose one of seven genre specific packages: they offer Sports & News, Kids & Pop and lastly, Lifestyle & Reality. If that offer does not work for you, there are more traditional options like the Preferred HD plan with 270 channels. It combines most of the channels from the mentioned custom plan pack for only $75 per month. You can consider upgrading if you are looking for more international access on channels, a wider variety of sports or even premium networks. You can also enjoy the Ultimate HD plan with all 435 channels and some systems like Showtime, Cinemax, and Epix for $90 per month. You can consider and choose one of these packages from AT&T and not regret at all.

As you can see, each provider has their selection of channel packages and offers as well as benefits they provide to their customers. And all of these you can enjoy by checking to see which services are available in your specific location. To help you when choosing your perfect package, you can first compare all the prices and special offers that best appeals to you and see which of the company and their plans fit you best. Hopefully, this guide can help you choose one of the best cable TV plans in the USA. And if you visit: you can find out more of these TV cable providers, and it will be more likely that you will be able to discover the best plan for you as well as be satisfied with the choice you made.

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24 Nov 2018

By XYZies