Cable Internet Coverage: How it helps with de-stressing at home

Slouching in front of the TV or just idly scrolling through your social media accounts after a day at work is therapeutic. But for the full experience, you need the most reliable cable internet coverage with good channel options without dragging you to bankruptcy! Read on to know how!

The revolution in the internet technology throughout the years is outstanding. Its fast development is understandable given that the Internet has become a powerful and indispensable tool for faster, greater, and accessible connectivity throughout the world.

Years ago, a well-known way of internet access is through a modem that utilizes existing telephone lines to transmit data in the Internet. This is known as the Digital Subscriber Line or DSL. This is perhaps the cheapest broadband internet you could subscribe to, and it reaches an average of 25 Mbps.

But with everyone and everything accessible in the Internet, the demand remains high. And this demand, demands higher speed broadband connection. Then, comes in the cable internet coverage. This Internet service has a higher speed than the DSL; some brands promise of up to 100 Mbps. Cable and internet broadband comes with a modem that is always-on and always-connected to the Internet Bridge. It requires no hassle log in and connects you instantly as soon as you turn on the modem. The Internet data is transmitted through a network of coaxial cables over a cable television, which means it can efficiently support the bandwidth needed by both television and the Internet. What can you do with 100 Mbps? You can make friends through online gaming, have a video conference through Skype, or download large files without the disturbance and stream high definition content. Research even says that the download and upload speeds with cable broadband is on point and sometimes even beyond than what is advertised by the provider.

How a reliable cable internet can help you de-stress:

Everyone deserves a rest day, some form of escape from work- or school-induced stress; even if it’s just for a moment. This is where a reliable cable internet comes through. Having one in your home can help you de-stress because it serves many functions:

Cable Internet as a reward. Tune in to your favorite Mexican soap drama after that intense studying. Reward yourself with a tub of ice cream and a movie marathon of good classic 90s chick flick. Or even submit to your guilty pleasure of morning cartoons to motivate yourself to go to work. Cable Internet can be your reward for that delayed gratification technique to get things moving around.

Cable Internet as a learning avenue. For those who like to be productive even when relaxing, you can sit back and watch experts’ debating politics in the news or learn how Chef Gordon Ramsay cooks a proper, juicy lobster. A speedy Internet lets you watch the live stream of a world leader’s speech or keep updated with a movement happening from the other side of the world.

Cable Internet for family time. Whether you’re in a Long-Distance Relationship (LDR) or you’re living far from your family and friends, you’ll never feel the distance with a fast cable Internet. It’s easy to get update where your aunt traveled next, who your ex is with now, witness the first steps of your nephew, or gossip with your best friend from home. You can plan to watch Game of Thrones at the same with your boyfriend, even with different time zones!

Cable Internet for vlogs. Daily or weekly vlogging, also known as video blogging, is a difficult commitment by itself. You need to think or get inspiration for video content; you upload; and then you have to self-advertise your newly released videos to your social media accounts. But this challenge doubles, even triples with a slow connection. It can benefit both the vlogger and the vlog binge-watcher to have this type of broadband connection.

What’s makes a good cable internet coverage?

According to CableLabs, in their article “Cable Broadband Technology Gigabit Evolution”, around 93% of homes in United States have cable internet coverage. By 2019, they forecasted that cable technology subscribers will reach to up 165 million people for their home Internet service. With the appeal to this type of broadband, also emerged different cable operators that are available in the market. It can get confusing where to start, what cable operator to approach, and what coverage to subscribe to. We will discuss below what you should keep in mind when choosing your service provider:

  1. A service worthy of the price. Compare and contrast prices and deals with other cable operators because it can be a big dilemma whether to splurge or save on a cable and internet service for your home. Keep in mind though that cable internet is relatively more expensive than DSL.  Choose a cable operator who offers good deals and does not charge you for installation fees.

  2. Terms and Agreements. Read the fine prints before you accept and agree to the conditions. You might find yourself disagreeing to the hidden fees or the data cap written in the cable internet service only after receiving the monthly bill.

  3. Great number of channels to choose from. More channels mean more options. Having more options mean you have more chances of finding good shows to pair with your couch potato mood. Check out the list of the channels that are available. As a start, make a list of must-haves and would-probably watch channels. Then ask if you can customize the channel list because some subscribers waste the package with channels that they don’t even watch.

  4. Internet speed. Just as when the star-crossed lovers are about to run into each other’s arms in a wide-open field, the movie lags and pauses. Isn’t that annoying? Having a slow internet ruins the momentum of the movie. You need a high Mbps for that start to credits, zero disturbance movies streaming. The key is to compare the download and upload speed. There are websites that offer speed test free of charge, such as Google and Keep in mind though that the distance of your home from the service provider also affects the Internet speed.

Spectrum Cable’s cable internet coverage has it all! They offer a good price with a wide variety of channels to choose from, and high-speed internet. With their three internet and cable coverage, you enjoy your TV shows without the limits of your schedule or your preference at the moment. If you missed out the start of your TV show because you were entertained with the dog show in the previous channel, you can now restart or bookmark your favorite channels with this feature. What’s even better is that it even records your favorite shows that aired three days ago, even if you failed to record it with your DVR.

If you want a budget-friendly promo, check out the TV Select & Spectrum Internet bundle. For only $89.98 each month for 12 months you have 125+ channels to choose from already. You can watch movies, sports, educational channels, channels for kids and family, or the news. They give you a free DVR service for your first box. You can happily continue with your work without worrying about missing another episode of your guilty pleasure, Primetime shows. The Internet with the package is as promising with its Internet speed of up to 60 Mbps. Spectrum does not charge an installation fee for the modem.

Do I hear a demand for more channels? You’re looking for TV Silver & Spectrum Internet. It has 175+ channels with channels aired in HD. Watching Nat Geo Wild in HD immerses you in the depths of the jungle without leaving your couch. Football, Baseball, or basketball is even better with watching ESPN or Fox Sports in HD. With a cable internet price of $109.98 each month for 12 months, it is a lot cheaper than a onetime game ticket. Like the previous offer, the DVR service is free for the first box and with no installation charge for setting up your modem. You can go online without getting frustrated of the constant lags; this package brags of an Internet speed of up to 60 Mbps.

Go big or go home with TV Gold & Spectrum Internet.  This package is tailored for big families who like spending family time by watching TV together. Big families deserve a wide choice of up to 200+ channels to browse from. This package is only $129.98 each month for 12 months. It comes with an internet speed of up to 60 Mbps, free of charge modem installation, and free DVR service! You can subscribe to this package without the feeling of being robbed.

Among all the cable operators in the market, Spectrum’s cable internet coverage is the package deals. It is customer-oriented, with economical packages, and fast and reliable Internet. If you do decide in choosing cable internet for your home, invest in a trusted service provider, invest in Spectrum Cable.

If you have any more queries, feel free to check out Spectrum Cable’s website through or call them at 1-855-400-1040. Thanks for reading!

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01 Dec 2018

By XYZies