Better by the Bundle: Getting the Best Bundle Deal for Cable TV, Internet, and Phone


As technology continues to evolve rapidly, so is the need to be competitive and catch up with the latest in the market.  High-definition cable? Fast and reliable internet? The latest phone? No doubt, you mostly have all of these. But just as you acquire and accumulate these things, you are also faced with greater problem: BILLS.  Staggering bills after bills and that you can’t keep up with all of them.  Believe me, tracking and making sure everything is paid on time can be a daunting task.

But, fret no more, the solution for all these worries is simple, getting a Bundle.

Yes! You’ve read it right.  Cable internet and phone bundles!  Just as you bundle your insurance for the home and car, opting to have cable internet and phone bundles also works perfectly.  How does cable internet and phone bundles work to your advantage you may ask?

Bundling is the practice of combining products or services together in order to sell them as a single joined entity.  This market strategy allows consumers to have a convenient purchase of various products from one provider at a relatively lower price than purchasing each product separately from different companies.

Historically, cable companies were the first to provide bundles as they already owned network infrastructure which made it easier for them to offer internet services as well as phone services at a domestic level.  As the market for internet and phone expanded, mobile companies followed to offer versions of their own bundles.

Just recently, this market strategy has been viewed as a new means to save for different service subscriptions.  In fact, an article in Consumer Reports magazine dubbed bundling as “increasingly a buyer’s market.” And since we live in an era that is highly driven by technology where almost everyone have an internet, a TV, and a smartphone, the option of tying these services together seemed a perfect idea to save several bucks rather than procuring cable, internet, and smartphone individually or separately.

In this article, I will walk you through to the benefits of availing bundled products and services and the important factors to consider when deciding from an array of companies and providers.



  1. Getting more but saving more

Tying products into one is a great way to economize. As previously mentioned, a typical household who owns several gadgets and appliances such as a smartphone, internet subscription, and cable TV, is perhaps paying more separately than a bundled service. No matter how one tries to do an intensive research on the best deal there is in the market for a smartphone, for a reliable internet, and for a cable TV as individual services, it would still be more expensive than getting the three services together. Thus, bundling gives you the opportunity to acquire more services but also to save more.

  1. The Handiness of one bill

More often than not, we are caught up in our own busy lives that we tend to forget to pay some of our bills. Hence, late payments occur. To prevent this, acquiring your TV, internet and home phone subscription under one provider comes handy as you will only be having one bill to worry for each month rather than two, three, or more. Not only does this give you one bill but also a smaller bill, for that matter. It’s just like hitting two birds in one stone.

  1. Efficient customer service

Moreover, a bundled option also saves you energy and give you more service efficiency. By having one company to handle various services, you can save your energy from communicating with different customer representatives from different companies.  For instance, when you want to inquire about your service, update it, or report a problem, you only need to call one service network. Thus, giving you one quick, friendly, and hassle-free customer service.


  1. Incentives that come within

Who wouldn’t love incentives? With bundling also comes the added incentives that companies and providers offer upon availing their bundled products. Some companies even go beyond just to persuade you to switch to them. Some perks provider offers include gift cards, discounted rates, unlimited calls, and even free installation when you bundled their services together or even DVR and modems.


Given the recent innovation in the technology industry and the various advantages that come with it, it is undeniable that a lot of network companies and providers are now offering different services and marketing strategies just to persuade the consumers to avail their bundled products and services. This tight competition between networks, often, however, leave the customers confused and overwhelmed by too many options and packages to choose from. Thus, to help you decide, here are some factors that you must take into account when choosing the best provider.


First, consider your budget. This would entail being aware of the services that you actually need before availing for any bundled products. For you might not want paying extra dollars for the services that you won’t actually use. For instance, if you are someone who watches TV on a daily basis and use the internet and smartphone every day, then bundling them up is indeed a very suitable choice for you. Aside from the typical channels you have in your current TV provider, bundled services can actually give you added free HD channels. But, if you are someone who only uses cable TV minimally, then added features like extra channels or HD TV will be of no use to you. Whatever the case, for you to choose the best price for bundled services, I strongly recommend doing a research on the prices of different providers and compare those prices from one another. An easy way of doing this is to visit websites that already provide price comparisons. Be sure to also read the reviews posted from real customers for it will also give you an insight to which provider to subscribe into.

The second thing you need to ponder on is the quality of service. As busy as our lives are, we all want easier and hassle-free transaction from the providers we subscribed for. That is why it is important for you to take into account the quality of the services of a certain provider. Make sure that the provider you are planning to choose has a friendly and accommodating staff or customer representatives for you will be talking to them from time to time in the future in case something comes up in your bundled products.

Next thing to consider is the speed and performance. In our fast-paced world, we all hate to waste any single minute we have. A slow internet provider that makes our movie buffers can put us off. That is why when choosing for a provider, research first the internet speed of the providers or conduct speed test online.

The last and perhaps the most important thing to consider is availability. Before you subscribed for a provider, make sure that it is available to your address or to your zip code or else, every penny will come to waste.



Lucky for us, Spectrum got us covered! This provider gives you three choices for getting the best bundle for the three services that will surely fit your budget, needs, and your preferences. In addition, they also deliver top-notch services that you can surely trust.


Not only that because Spectrum’s bundled packages are offered to their customers at amazingly affordable prices. With Spectrum, you can now experience the collective power of the hundreds of program selections in your TV, a fast and reliable internet connection, and unlimited calling like no other.


For Triple Play Select, you can relax yourself by viewing across 125 TV programs in HD, ranging from Disney Channel, CNN HD, and a lot more; an unlimited call with your loved ones and friends around the globe with your home phone; and an internet connection with a speed of up to 60 Mbps where you can stream movies online without buffering, download movies rapidly and even play games instantaneously.  On top of this, you also get to receive a free installation of DVR service for 12 months and with no charge for the modem. This DVR will definitely transform your regular TV experience at home to a whole new different level.  Through DVR, you can now binge-watch your favorite series at your own convenience. You can either restart or bookmark the shows already in progress, watch it on all your electronic devices anytime and anywhere, or watch it at a later time. Sounds great, right? And, all these will only cost you $89.97/month.


What’s even better? For only $109.97 a month, you get to have an upgraded version of the first package. With Silver Triple Play, you and your family can have more quality time with a channel selection of over 175 in HD. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a movie buff, or up for some kids shows, there’s nothing to worry because Spectrum got all you need.


Need more? Satisfy yourself with a bowl of popcorn with Gold Triple Play which gives you more selection of over 200 channels in HD for only $129.97/month. Not only you and your family will enjoy this amazing experience but so will your colleagues when you invite them for a sleepover and do channel surfing.


To avail more of Spectrum’s deals, visit their website at or call (855) 400-1040.

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19 Oct 2018

By XYZies