Best Home Phone Connection Service in USA for 2018

You are probably one of those customers who’s determined enough to look for the right landline connection within the area and ended up typing “Best Home Phone Connection Service USA” on an online search. And as you go on with the search you feel like you are more likely in a minefield of different home phone connection services, because of so many results and advertisements found.

There are a lot of home phone providers in the telecommunications market and more than you think, and the challenge is which home phone service in the USA is worth having and worth paying for. Whether you want to stay connected with family and friends that are states away, or you just wanted to keep in touch with them and share good conversations together at any time of the day, securing a home phone connection is the best way to answer perfectly your needs in communication.  

But there are so many key points that you need to consider before diving into an ocean floor full of exciting home phone deals and services. Because it will be more like swimming where the different home phone services are the fishes and sea creatures all covered with wonder and beauty, and you need to spot which one perfectly fits to what you are after. With so many options, you need to figure it out as soon as possible before you ran out of oxygen, so you don't suffocate.

   When we say best home phone connection, we are also talking about the kind of technology the service provider is using. The quality of service depends on the type of technology being used to provide a customer satisfactory communication service. And differentiating these kinds of technology from one to another is quite overwhelming since they all have their own strong points and uniqueness.

List of Best Home Phone Connection Service in the USA

  • XFINITY Voice

XFINITY offers landline, VoIP phone service and digital internet phone service to customers over 40 states in the U.S. They offer reliable phone service connection with the best call clarity. Unlimited calling, texting is included in the connection that can really save your rising monthly bills. The good thing about XFINITY is that there is no activation fee when anyone orders XFINITY Voice online.

You can enjoy different services like talking to someone all you want within your location or across other countries. They offer local and long-distance calling promos. Aside from that, XFINITY has 12 popular calling features like caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting and the like.

XFINITY Voice provides a safe and reliable home phone where you get the kind of service more than what you paid for. Its digital voice service has the best call clarity and you can also keep your current phone number when you decided to switch with XFINITY.

You can start availing unlimited nationwide calling and communicate to almost half of the world as much as you want for only $29.99 per month, for the first year with no term agreement. This is a good deal for those who are not ready for any commitments. Their unlimited local calling with the best clarity is at $34.95 per month.

  • CenturyLink

CenturyLink provides digital home phone service to their customers. A crystal clear reliable connection can be experienced upon subscribing. With their Basic Home Phone, you can enjoy unlimited local calling, and make a call or fax whenever you want. Their basic home phone rates start at $25 per month, this excludes other fees, surcharges, and tax fee.

Anyone can enjoy their 11 calling features like Unlimited local calling, call following, call forwarding, voicemail, and many others. They also offer promo in a bundle with other services like cable TV and high-speed internet.

CenturyLink operates in over 40 states and was established way back 1960s.

  • Vonage

Vonage is known for its Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, where anyone can make and receive calls through the internet connection. Some business uses VoIP as their phone connection since it is cost-effective and highly efficient quality calling. Vonage has international calling plans. And those who subscribe to them have premium calling features and unlimited free calls.

With taxes and fees included, you can enjoy Vonage’s North American plan for only $34.94 per month, and get unlimited calling across the U.S., with great low international price over the world.

Vonage offers regular discounts and other reasonable offers to their new customers, with all plans include extra features for free.

  • AT&T Home Phone

AT&T offers digital or landline plans with affordable rates for everyone. They make phone calls easy and convenient through AT&T high-speed internet connection. Their digital phone connection offers 25 convenient calling features with great sound quality. These features include an address book, call trace, locate me, do not disturb and many other phone features.

They offer Phone International Plan for only $40, includes unlimited calling within the U.S, and low international rates to 22 countries with add-on discounts.

They also offer bundle promos where home phone service is combined with internet for $62 per month.

  • Verizon Home Phone Service

Verizon offers home phone service with the use of fiber-optic and LTE technology. They also offer discounts to their customers who decided to bundle home phone with other residential services. Verizon lets you connect with their domestic and international phone plans. Their service is 100% fiber-optic network offering clyster clear connection.

Verizon gives their customers the freedom to combine their unlimited local and regional calls to nationwide long-distance call, with 5 calling features. Their pricing depends on your location.

When you order online without a bundle promo, you will have $5 discount off the monthly rate within 2 years.

Mentioned above are five of the most reliable companies that offer quality service when it comes to home phones. With all the existing offers of different home phone connections, understanding their differences can be a great help when you choose which home phone service is best for your lifestyle.

As you can see on the definitions of each provider, they use different types of home phone infrastructures. So, before signing up any contracts or before you tie a knot to any of these home phone companies, it is best to have knowledge about the kind of technology they are using.


Some companies still use the traditional copper phone lines to send electrical pulses. Telephones in this manner converts sound to energy, this means that the phones connected to these older lines can still function even when there is a power outage.


This type of advanced technology happens to be the newest and expensive kind. Providers that use fiber-optics transmit data and sound using pulses of light. The fiber-optic cables are made of glass allowing faster speed and reliable connection to happen. But opposing to copper lines, fiber-optics cannot carry energy, so they can not be used when there is a power outage and you need to have an alternative power source to be used instead.


This means Voice over Internet Protocol, and companies that use this kind of technology needs the internet connection to make and receive calls. To make VoIP work, fiber optic lines and LTE network must be present.

LTE/Mobile Hotspot

Mobile hotspots connect to carrier networks to make and receive calls. The thing is, customers have to secure or purchase a compatible modem for this. Usually, they can get the modem to the service provider.

Why Choose XFINITY’s Home Phone Connection Service?

XFINITY offers services like internet, cable TV, smartphone and home phones. They use VoIP and digital internet phones. With all the exciting offers by different providers, to avoid so much confusion, XFINITY has the best home phone connection that can satisfy your needs without having to worry about the bills.

With XFINITY’s unlimited nationwide plans, anyone can enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calls with corresponding affordable rates. Aside from that, customers who call frequently to areas outside the United States is allowed to add carefree minutes, where they can enjoy 300 minutes of international phone conversations for certain monthly fee. And there’s discounted rate for over the limit service.

They also offer extra cool features like advanced readable voicemail system so customers have access to their voicemails anywhere. Their twelve calling features include three-way calling, speed dialing, repeat dialing, Caller ID with call waiting, caller ID blocking per call, caller ID, call waiting, call screening, return call, selective call forwarding, call forwarding, and call rejection. Though there are calling features that are not available to certain XFINITY Voice plan. But anyone has the control to turn on and turn off these features with press button.

XFINITY Voice plan is the best choice for customers who want reliable home phone connection where some features can be made available on their mobile devices. Customers can also answer the calls on their home phones through XFINITY’s Connect App, this means both Apple and Android smartphones or devices can make and answer the call. They have a downloadable and accessible welcome kit for new customers, where they can change their security PIN codes and troubleshoot their devices as well.

When choosing the best Home Phone Connection Service in the USA, then head over to for more information and details regarding their very reliable home phone connection now!


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24 Mar 2018

By XYZCell