Advantages of Choosing A Cable TV And Internet Bundle

In the past years, cable TV and Internet were two different types of service to most households in the U.S. But as the years passed, the digital world has become seemingly vast and boundless, creating a passageway for these two great inventions to meet and combine as one. Different telecommunication companies started to upgrade their offers, offering high-quality cable TV and Internet service in one promo.

The effect of the Internet on television has created a big impact in the telecommunication industry. Cable TV and Internet bundles started to develop as promos offered by different companies, with a goal to expand their service through the hopes and plans of providing fast and reliable offers. This is the reason why a route leading to an intense competition in today’s media market came to exist. And the company that offers a unique kind of cable TV and Internet bundle service is leading the way.

Promo in Bundles     

When we say promo in bundles, it is a kind of service offered by some companies where they provide more than one service on a single consolidated bill. This kind of service is making people’s lives easier and better because most companies offer it at a lesser price compared to the original cost of buying each service individually.

As technology changes over the years, so are the things in telecommunication world today. A lot of promo offers were introduced including “Bundling”, where good things come in two or three. These bundles include Cable TV plus internet, Cable TV plus internet plus phone, or Internet plus phone only depending on what the customer desires. And it is essential at the same time to learn about these cable bundles, so the customer will understand what exactly they are paying for, and if the service they get is worth it.

These are the reasons why it pays to choose a cable TV and Internet bundle:

  1. It is Highly Accessible

The world is now floating in an ocean full of technological advancements, and it has become an important part of people’s everyday lives. Almost all households in the U.S. have at least more than one device like a television set, computer and cell phones. These devices have become the essential tool for communication, information, and entertainment. So, imagine yourself purchasing these services, cable TV alone and an Internet connection. You will surely undergo different process and steps for each service. You’ll be spending double the energy, time and money for entertainment and communication’s sake. And it’s quite a hassle with all the stuff needed to prepare, including the contracts and forms to be filled out. How about combining these two services all at once, like hitting two birds with one stone? A lot of money, time and effort will be saved by paying only one bill for these two different services. It’s easier and faster to deal with. You’ll be signing only to one contract and process the payment all at the same time.

  1. It is more Convenient than subscribing separately to each of the two services.

Today, people can now watch their favorite sports, TV shows, and latest news under their control. There are companies nowadays like XFINITY for example, who offer bundles that cover both internet service and cable TV including a highly-advanced way of watching television. Viewers can now create their personal playlists and at the same time, they can record the TV shows or movies they are watching. And most exciting part is they have a voice-activated remote control, where scrolling for TV channels is no longer applicable, but only saying the command “Watch the-name-of-the-TV-show” and the viewer will see it appearing on the screen. While all the same time, having a high-speed Internet connection at home. Sea features at

This is one of the privileges of having this bundle deal. It is more convenient since there is no need to rely on physical antennas or regional channels. The customer can watch his or her favorite sports team in action in live viewing and can even record it and watch it again in some other time.

Anyone can experience a reliable cable TV service and Internet service at high speed all at the same time. Like if you want to let the whole world know about a certain TV show or movie you are currently watching, you can update your social media accounts at the same time by staying connected on the Internet.  

  1. Subscribing to this bundle deal is more economical

Offers in a bundle are actually a good and economical way to get both good cable deals and internet deals. In subscribing to this kind of service, the company may actually offer a discount to any of the services or sometimes in both. Some companies actually offer both services with free premium channels as a gift or compensation to valid customers.

There are also companies that offer these services by teaming up with another company. For example, a cable TV company is linked with other internet providers to offer a discounted high-speed internet service. The customer will pay the cable TV company, and the cable TV company will pay a specific amount to the Internet provider. In this way, the customer saves money while the Internet provider reaches new customers.

Choosing to bundle internet service and cable TV is reasonably priced in a sense where the customer can avoid more set-up cost. There is only one set-up in bundle promos, so most likely the customer will be paying only one installation fee. If a customer will only subscribe to a pay TV service or to a pay Internet service, there will be other fees or hidden charges along with the cost of equipment.

The customers are paying only to what they really needed, like the list of channels they only desired to watch and the kind of Internet service they can manage to use. Who would not want to save money and enjoy the convenience of this kind of service by only paying it all at once? Any subscription cost will be avoided. The more subscription to any kind of service, the more fees there is. Signing up with two or three service providers is way more expensive than subscribing it in a bundled offer.

It is surprising to realize how the cable television and Internet complement each other, not just because both are used as a major tool in entertainment and communication. Cable TV came to exist with the purpose of allowing the TV viewers to have an access to movies and shows that they cannot possibly watch on over the air broadcasts. The internet, on the other hand, being an ocean full of information, contains lots of information about a certain television program and movies, and also provides a place where viewers can discuss their opinions and comments about it. Not only that, the internet has changed the way of viewing TV shows, where the viewers can just type in and search the movie or the title of the show and watch it online. Having these two necessities in one is a great catch.

With all the existing companies offering Cable TV plus Internet bundle, choosing the right provider requires a great consideration. We need to consider things like the list of channels and plans, if it is accessible anytime and anywhere, the price, and the customer service experience.

Cable TV + Internet = XFINITY

With XFINITY X1’s features, anyone can find all the advantages of why choosing internet and cable TV bundle is worth it. One will surely enjoy and experience TV like never before in history with XFINITY’s personalized, highly-advanced, fun and easy to use promo offer.

XFINITY X1 Voice Remote: Say it to see it

XFINITY offers cable subscription where one can access the TV recordings using the voice command. One will simply say “Show me the recordings” into the X1 Voice Remote and the recordings will appear on a screen. Voice control is real.

XFINITY X1  Recommendations

You can discover your new favorite shows through the recommendations based on what you are watching. Under the “Favorites” section, you can see recommended TV shows and movies based on what you’ve been watching. And the list can even be filtered. Those trending on Twitter will also automatically appear.


Even when offline, anyone can watch the recorded tv shows anywhere at any time. A recording is possible up to 6 shows at once with 500GB storage space.

XFINITY X1 Magic of Entertainment

X1 has a built-in talking guide, where the visually impaired can still enjoy watching TV without depending too much on anyone. They can operate on their own through X1’s talking guide. X1 also has a built-in voice remote control developed for customers with limited mobility or visual disabilities. And lastly, X1 has enhanced closed captioning built for those who are having a hard time hearing.

More exciting offers for Internet + TV bundle are waiting to be explored at XFINITY. Anyone can enjoy offers like performance internet and limited shows, instant TV and Performance Internet (stream live TV with no extra equipment), with the option to add new, flexible channel packs for more than 280 channels, video record of 20 hours storage, and can connect up to 6 to 8 devices at the same time up to 100Mbps download speed.

Call customer service now for great deals at Hotline 1-888-877-0231, or visit

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17 Mar 2018

By XYZCell