Advantages and Disadvantages of Cable Internet


What is Cable Internet?

Cable internet or internet through cable lines is an internet broadband connection that uses cable lines or cable television network to transmit data. Internet access in this kind of data transmission is acquired with the use of a cable modem. Compared to DSL, this type of internet is faster and it also provides an affordable high-speed data connection. The most basic internet through cable lines carries data with a speed that ranges from 6 Mbps to 18 Mbps.

The use of internet through cable lines has gone through many advancements and developments throughout time. In fact, there are many companies and businesses that are making use and taking advantage of this technology in providing internet to their customers. With its reliable and consistent internet connection, many households and businesses are using internet through cable lines. Although cable internet has been improved, there are still a lot of drawbacks with the technology that is used with it.


How does it work?

Most residential household in the US are now wired for cable TV. For this reason, many cable TV companies have jumped aboard with the idea of using and connecting internet with the use of cable TV. Cable internet carries internet broadband speeds through the same cable used to deliver TV data. But the speed of internet through cable lines is dependent with the number of users in the same neighborhood utilizing the same cable connection.

For a cable internet or internet with the use of cable lines to work, there is a need of a cable modem. A cable modem authorizes data to be sent through a cable TV structure by making the unused bandwidth on the network.

Cable internet connections transmits data connection with the use of TV channel space. Because of this, a number of channels are used for data diffusion. The transmitted digital data can either be internal or external. The speed of sending and receiving internet data varies with the number of megabits per second or Mbps.


Advantages of Cable Internet

  • No phone lines needed- Not having the need of a phone or telephone lines is probably the greatest advantage of using internet through cable lines. You can stay connected at any time taking less time to connect.

Since no phone is needed, the user does not have to dial in order to connect to the internet which also means no more dial-up fees to be paid.  In addition, users can now have access to both internet and phone service with no limitation in using the internet. There is no restriction in using the internet. You can enjoy surfing the internet even when the telephone line is in use.


  • Steadfast internet data speed- Cable internet offers a trouble-free internet connection. Compared to other types of broadband internet, the speed given by cable internet is higher and faster. This makes using internet through cable lines as a perfect replacement for other broadband with slow internet speed.

Data speed of cable internet may tend to be faster if there are fewer users connected to your cable modem. Internet connection using a cable modem usually assures a higher bandwidth, and more bandwidth means a faster internet speed.


  • No location constraint- The area of residency or the location of the user is one of the major problems in accessing the internet. But that no longer matters with the use of internet through cable lines.

Unlike the other internet services, you are no longer strictly limited to a specific location or area. A user residing in an area at a great distance from the cable company’s service center can still use and enjoy their perfect service.


  • Reliable- Consistency and steadiness of data connection is also a problem in the use of internet. Most of it are due to the location issues and aging groundworks. But cable internet gives a steady internet connection having consistent and reliable signals since the location of the users are no longer limited with this type of internet broadband. The reliability of cable internet plus the fact that the signals do not drop make it more appealing.


  • Admirable service- If you face a problem or any difficulty with your internet cable connection, most internet cable companies have provided excellent customer services. With just a phone call away, there are a number of customer service operators waiting for you.


Disadvantages of Cable Internet

  • Slow internet speed during peak hours- Since the use of cable internet works with the cable lines that are connected to the televisions, the data transfer speed is slow during peak hours, specifically in the morning and evening.


  • Limited availability- The availability in your area of residence is also quite a drawback of cable internet. Having a cable TV does not assure that cable internet would also be available. There are some regions in the US wherein cable internet is not available, especially in secluded or rural areas.


  • Many users mean slow internet service- Unfortunately, cable modems are not that strong in handling a large number of users. When there are a lot of people or devices that are trying to connect to the same cable modem at home, offices or buildings, the internet service tends to get slower.


  • Limitation of internet speed- The actual speed of your cable internet may not be as fast as assured. Most cable providers put speed restrictions on residential customer. This may result to a lower bandwidth. Since cable internet users share bandwidth with other cable clients within their vicinity, the capacity of users sharing the cable bandwidth at the same time could affect the speed of the internet.


Using cable internet or internet through cable lines has its own advantage and disadvantages. You may come to a point when you question yourself if cable internet is the correct choice for you. There are cable internet users who love and are satisfied with their fast and trouble-free internet connection. But some indicate that the speed of internet that is assured to them is not exactly what it seems.

Keeping both the advantages and disadvantages of using internet through cable lines into consideration is a must if one is to decide whether to acquire this service or not. But a better way to know if these advantages and disadvantages are applicable to you or in your area, might as well try cable internet and choose for yourself.


Internet Providers in the U.S. Offering Cable Internet Service

There are about 456 providers in the US offering cable service. Going through all of them might cause you a lot of time. For your benefit, here are the top companies providing the pre-eminent cable internet service. The list includes the advantages and disadvantages of each provider.


Xfinity from Comcast is known as the largest provider of cable internet in the US. It is offering its service to 39 states or a population of 111.2 million as of 2018. This internet provider offers three primary service- the internet service, television service and phone service.

The internet speed that Xfinity offers ranges from 100 to 1 000 Mbps. Their television service includes a digital TV as well as a smart TV platform Xfinity X1. While their phone service has digital voice (VoIP) landline phone service throughout their area of coverage.

One of their advantages is their home security suite called Xfinity Home. This is a “smart home” technology service that makes an alarm system and security camera network available and controllable from a user’s mobile phone. However, their low reputation for customer service despite their improving approval ratings and reviews is this provider’s drawback.


  • Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is also one of the lead companies in the USA that offers internet through cable lines. It provides cable internet service to 45 states and is also available for an estimated population of 101.5 million. This provider is also considered as the second largest residential cable provider in the US.

One of their advantage is their defining features compared to other cable providers, is easier to understand tiered pricing system. Charter Spectrum also ranks close to the top of the charts for Netflix users as of 2018. Most of subscribers have indicated that they can stream videos as much as they want without having data problems. Their low-cost and reduced-cost of internet plans also makes their consumers satisfied.


  • Cox Communications

Another major cable internet provider in the USA is Cox Communications.  They have a variety of services that include cable internet, TV and even digital phones. Cox is able to provide high-speed cable internet to numerous users and their cable is seen as a cost-effective way to acquire speedy internet and TV service to the average consumer household.

Their availability for low-income consumers is probably one of their advantages. Through the Connect2Compete program, they were able to provide low-income internet access plans making it available for consumers who have one or more K-12 children who also participate in some governmental assistance programs- SNAP, TANF, Public Housing Assistance and National School Lunch Program.


A Great Advantage at Spectrum!

We all want more advantages than drawbacks and Spectrum understands that. For cable internet deals and services that would fit your needs, Spectrum internet has prepared a variety of plans for you. What makes them customer-friendly is that they are one of the few internet providers that delivers internet service without a contract.

Spectrum internet deals has internet speed that ranges from 60 to 300 Mbps. They also provide bundled plans with TV and phone services. Their cable internet comes with a hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network that is originally built for TV service. To feed your interest with Spectrum internet deals, here is a list of their cable internet service deal:

  • Spectrum Internet- for only $44.99 per month for 12 months, this offers an internet speed up to 60Mbps.

  • TV Select and Spectrum Internet- for only $89.98 per month for 12 months, this deal comes with more than 125 channels for your cable TV along with an internet speed of up to 60Mbps. It also offers free DVR service for your first box with no model charge.

  • Select Triple Play- your $89.97 per month for 12 months will not be put to waste with Spectrum’s Select Triple Play that offers more than 125 channels with an internet speed of up to 60Mbps. It also comes with an unlimited calling with voicemail. Along with this deal is a free DVR service for your first box with no modem charge


To know more details about Spectrum’s internet and phone offers, please visit and discover more satisfying internet bundles and packages that suits your needs.

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