3 Best Ways to Lower Your Internet and Cable TV Bill

Are you one of those customers in the U.S. who drops their jaw upon receiving their monthly Internet and Cable bill? Like every month, the bills just go a little higher? Are you one of those who spends a hundred dollars per month for Internet connection and Cable TV alone? If you’ve already had enough of those whopping fees, maybe it’s time for you to look for ways on how to save money or cut the cost of your bills.

It’s exhausting to pay a $100 or more for Cable TV alone and then another for the Internet connection. The bills even seem to get a little more expensive and the price just goes higher without any notification and warning. Even if it is $5 or $10 increase, it still hurts the pocket. Just imagine the other amazing stuff you could have purchased and could have enjoyed with the amounts they added to the bill.

It’s another strenuous thing to argue with your provider’s customer service about the rate hike on your bills. Not to mention the experience of waiting when they put you on hold for more than half of an hour, and sometimes they can’t help you with your concerns.

Having a high-quality cable TV and fast Internet connection is necessary for today’s age of technology, but with the high fees, it’s very important to get you out of any financial downside before it’s too late. So, to avoid all the hassles, knowing the best ways on how to take control of your spending is really necessary. These steps will certainly help:

  1. Know Your Needs According to Internet Speed and TV Channels

You need to know first the kind of service you needed with your daily routine. You have to know first if you’re the type of customer who just uses the Internet for only checking emails or light web browsing for information, if that is case, you only need the kind of service that has a download speed that can go up to just 2000Mbps or 2G, which has enough data for light internet usage.

How much internet speed you need depends on how frequent you use the connection. If you have a bigger household with lots of devices that need to be internet connected all at the same time, you need to secure an internet connection that is more efficient with higher download speed. There are promos and packages made available by most providers to cater the satisfaction of the customers. And their cost depends relatively to the quality of service the promo offers. The more internet usage, the faster download speed is needed.

There are many existing internet providers nowadays that offers different download speed depending on the location. It is crucial to know the services fit for your lifestyle to avoid spending for what you don’t necessarily need. If you happen not to stream a lot of videos on YouTube, not that into playing online games, or you’re in a household with only a few devices connected at once, the best choice is an internet speed with a 25-50Mbps connection.

Cable bills never seem to fall for less cost these days, especially when there are extra channels included. You can cut down the cable bills by getting rid of the extras. Remove the channel if you can live without watching it. You have to include only in the cable TV package the must-haves channels without even missing the extra channels. You cannot watch all the channels at once.

Though cable TV is not that highly necessary compared to food, water, and clothing, but it’s a common household expense in most American homes. The goal here is to save money, and not spending more. But sometimes, a low-cost deal may not be worth it especially if it means services offered is being reduced. So, you need to balance perfectly the good deals and get your focus out on the bad.

Know what is only important. Start auditing your viewing and surfing habits by focusing more on what you watch and where you watch it. If you prefer Netflix, then go to cable TV.

  1. Negotiate with Low-Cost Internet and Cable Providers in Your Area

Searching for what’s only available within the area of your location can save you a lot of effort, time and money. In most central areas, internet connection provided through cable or fiber is most accessible. While in the rural areas, it’s hard to find such internet access so the location is serviced through satellite.

It is necessary to know the area’s available options to know how to negotiate with them. For some existing companies, they offer reasonable deals to new customers than those who are already using the same provider for a couple of years. So, if you play it smoothly, you can have a better negotiation with a customer service representative, giving you the promotional offers and bundles available to new customers. You have to be patient enough in doing so, give all your contact information and you can have a good deal, or they’ll even give options on what’s best for you.

Nothing is wrong with reviewing and negotiating for better offers. If you’re already an old customer, and the customer service won’t consider offering a better deal. You can request to cancel the service, and probably the call will be redirected to another department, where negotiation for lower cost is made possible. It’s a fact, no company wants to lose a customer, so it’s best to grab the opportunity but do it in a nice and polite manner. Cutting the cost is as simple as taking the time to call and ask professionally. And sometimes it requires strong determination and perseverance.

But if you don’t have enough time for doing the talking and negotiating, you can find better deals online. But sometimes not all the information is posted, but the search can lead you to the best providers as they are the first ones to appear. Though almost all companies have their own websites, you’ll most certainly find better deals on providers. These are the companies covering mostly to a large number of states such as XFINITY, AT&T, Verizon and many more. On the internet, you can find and read the reviews made by other customers, so you can study this information and decide which has the best economical price based off on their experiences.

Asking your friends or the people in your neighborhood is also a great help. So, you can have a legit basis in comparing which is which. In this way, you can avoid being trapped in financial crisis and you can study and budget well.

  1. Consider Internet and Cable TV Bundles

Sometimes the best things come in two. Teaming up your cable TV with internet service and subscribing to only one provider can save you more dollars over the years. Though what’s best for you is not best for all, promo in bundles is a great deal for most and not only for some. Just avoid the bundling services you don’t really need, including premium channels, when what you only desired to watch was Netflix or Showtime.

Talking about bundles, most companies offer it nowadays to provide more than one service at a consolidated bill. In this manner, it is making the customer’s lives easier and convenient because sometimes they offer it at lower rates compared to the original rate of subscribing each service individually. These bundles are made available by combining cable TV with Internet and with phone service. Or sometimes, cable TV and Internet alone depending on the kind of service the customer wants.

Internet and Cable TV bundle is reasonably accessible. Since a common household in the United States has more than one device like TV, computer, cell phones, laptop, and more, these devices have become a great tool in the means of entertainment and communication. So, as the head of the household, imagine yourself purchasing cable TV and Internet service at another time and another day. Considering that you’ll most likely undergo different process and steps for subscribing each service, including the contracts and forms needed to be filled up. Another effort, time and money will be spent. Why undergo all the hassle if you can just hit two birds with one stone? You can save more money since you’ll be paying only once subscription fee and process it all at the same time.

Moreover, it is all economical since companies offer bundles at discounted price. The companies may even offer free premium channels as a gift to new customers. Choosing bundle kind of service is a low-cost choice since the customer can avoid more than one set-up cost, paying only one installation fee at once. Whereas if the customer chooses the pay TV only service or pay Internet-only service, hidden charges are most likely present along with the rental cost of other equipment like the modem or router.

Considering bundle services, the customers are only paying to what they only needed, guaranteed with the list of channels they want to watch and the Internet service they can use. There are lots of companies offering the best complement of Internet and Cable TV service, offered at a more reasonable price, and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

One great example is the Cable TV + Internet bundle offered by XFINITY, where anyone can experience watching TV like never been done before. XFINITY offers cable subscriptions with the Internet, and the user can even record the TV shows for viewing it next time. One exciting feature with XFINITY is its Voice Remote Control, where the user will just simply say the command and it will automatically display on the screen. There is a talking guide developed for the visually impaired customers without depending on others so much. For customers with limited mobility or visual disabilities, there is a built-in voice control.

The whole family can enjoy and experience all that the Cable TV and the Internet offers, since connecting up to 8 or more devices is made possible, at up to 100Mbps download speed. For more great deals and reasonable offers click www.internetnmore.com or call their Hotline at 1-888-877-0231. Call the best provider of cable TV, Internet and home voice plans in the U.S.now!


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24 Mar 2018

By XYZCell